By Willy Nkya

  Finally that sweet long Christmas weekend has arrived,say hello to some good Christmas celebrations and parting non stop. Sasa basi we all know how we eat on times like these right?but why not make this Christmas a bit different eeehhh!!try some new recipes to give your family a new taste in their  Christmas tummies ,not pilau all the time as most Tanzanians do ,Here are some meal ideas for this Christmas.
1 .Buche de Noel
   Transform your holiday dessert spread into a fantasyland by serving traditional French buche de Noel, or yule log cake. Rich chocolate genoise (sponge cake) is rolled in a coffee- and brandy-flavored buttercream, then decorated with marzipan berries, pinecones and mushrooms. The look of awe on your guests' faces will be well worth the effort.

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2.Old-Fashioned Glazed Ham
Stud your Christmas ham with pineapple and maraschino cherries for a classic holiday presentation. An easy glaze made with Dijon mustard, brown sugar and thyme adds tons of flavor.

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3 .Sunday Rib Roast
Mustard Horseradish Sauce accompanies her crowd-pleasing rib roast. Carve the roast at the holiday table for a dramatic presentation.hope you get what i mean .
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4 . Roast Prime Rib with Thyme au Jus
Bobby stuffs whole cloves of garlic into his prime rib so the flavors permeate the meat, then serves the juicy meat with a thyme and red wine sauce.
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5 .Christmas Reindeer Brownies
Candy canes, marshmallows and wafer cookies turn fudgy brownies into a festive holiday dessert. These brownies are so easy the kids can help make them!
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6 .Hot Cocoa

Is there anything more Christmas-y than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold weather, especially the Chaggas in this festive season deserve such a drink .

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7.Smashed New Potatoes with Peas, Lemon and Pearl Onions
  The smashed potatoes are topped with sauteed pearl onions, peas and lemon.why not make it a healthy Christmas by eating greens

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8.Ricotta Orange Pound Cake with Strawberries
The homemade pound cake is so sweet, light and fluffy that all it needs is a simple strawberry topping  no need for an icing or glaze.                                                                                              

9.Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake is topped with decadent cream cheese frosting laced with pecans. Sprinkle some more nuts on top for a no-fuss garnish.Now we are talking,This is actually my favorite cake on earth ,all my birthdays must have a red velvet cake.Trust me its delicious .
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10. Eggnog Ice Cream
Why not add some bourbon and freshly grated nutmeg to your creamy vanilla ice cream to create a frozen form of the classic holiday drink.yummy!!your kids will love you for this

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11.Crepes for Christmas
Make crisp crepes and an array of fillings, then let guests do the assembling.and at the end your guest will tell you all there deepest secrets ,lol!! (Just joking)
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12.Pull-Apart Gingerbread Man
This year's gingerbread man is made of cupcakes. Make sure to snap a photo of your handiwork before letting guests devour it!good luck ,send me a piece ok!!
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13.Giada's Penne with Shrimp and Herbed Cream Sauce

This special pasta is Giada's pick for a holiday main dish.Tanzanians will love this

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14 .Herbed Chicken with Beets and Brussels

Need something healthy and hands-off? Look no further than this easy-yet-impressive Christmas dinner idea that's sure to please your whole flock.and by flock i mean Family.
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for more meals ideas visti

    Well there you go!!honestly i have never tasted some of these meals ,so be sure to invite me if u make one,pleaseeeee!! and one little advice don't ask your family what they want to eat for Christmas just surprise them ok!!deal?? 
And by the way Christmas is on Monday,so you have this weekend to go around looking for ingredients for your Christmas meal masterpiece.Best of luck in the kitchen.
 Happy Holidays everyone.


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