Gain back your Christmas Spirit- Here are 6 Tips

By Willy Nkya          

  As the year ends ,we celebrate sooooo much that has happened throughout the year, but the biggest celebration is Christmas. But what if you just don’t have the xmass spirit in you??Well here at M.P,we think God is answering your prayer by reading this. Here are different ways on how you can force yourself to have the Christmas spirit and enjoy Christmas like everybody else
1.Change your playlist
It is by no doubt that music has always had a great effect on ones mind, listening to some good old sweet xmass songs will definitely put your head on the xmass game ,its time you take a break from the “Singeli” and have your self some BoneyM,Michael W Smith,Jackson 5,Bing Crosby, David Bowie etc
Tokeo la picha la CHRISMASS PLAYLIST

 2.Go out!!
Its okay to have no xmass spirit ,but its not okay to have no xmass spirit and still stay locked inside the house. Going out might help boost your xmass spirit especially when you go to places with great xmass decorations, places like shopping malls are the best to get you back onboard the Christmas train

3.Make somebody’s christmass
If Christmas isn’t just for you this year ,it doesn’t mean you should seat back and relax,no no nooo! but you can make somebody’s Christmas, while going around town you could buy some few presents for your friends, family and neighbors doing so might show you how important it is to celebrate this holiday by giving more and Viola!!  

4.Watch Christmas movies and TV show
Do you remember these movies “Home Alone” “Jingle all the way” “The Polar express” “How the Grinch stole Christmas” etc .well movies like these will definitely get you to enjoy the Ho Ho Ho moment .
5 .Create an adult-themed tradition.
A great way to try getting into the Christmas spirit is to create your own tradition! It can sometimes be discouraging when you are away from your family members. Think of something fun that you would enjoy doing. Perhaps you could treat yourself to a spiked eggnog or another adult Christmas treat. The best thing about being an adult is deciding what you would like to do with your time off of work

6.Get in touch with friends and family
Christmas is that time of the year when families get together and catch up on what happened throughout the year, the Chagga tribe in Tanzania is a good example.the good thing about technology it can give you just the feeling regardless of how far you are from home.a phone call,video call,emails,text messaging and actual visit might help you get that jingle bells spirit .

And by xmass, we mean CHRISTMAS!!! 

Happy Holidays,everybody! 


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