By Christine

It's the end of the year, perfect time for the holidays, most school and college students have already started their holiday break or will start soon. People in the offices or entrepreneurs also take their needed break during this time of the year because we all have the holiday spirit with Christmas and new year celebrations coming up!

What are your plans this holiday, are you planning a trip to enjoy yourself with family and friends?
If you are, don't get lost in the holiday frenzy and start check listing these important essentials for wherever you are planning to go 


Planning ahead what you are going to wear during your trip will save you a lot of time and stress and it will get you so excited for your trip as you already know how you are going to wear and slay the vacation

  • Casual wear- plan ahead all that you will need for the length of your trip,dresses, cute sweaters, jumpers,jeans depending on your travel destination

  • Evening wear- this is the most important as most people will forget to bring what they will need to wear during dinner or evening events and this list include dresses, nice tops, nice pants, skirts or even some nice and cute shorts

  • Swim wear- if you are going destination tropic then this is a must pack as you will probably have beaches or swimming pool and you don't want to miss the fun in the water!!


If you don't plan ahead you might forget to bring all your accessories like earrings, watch, hats, scarfs which compliment well any look you want to achieve.


Carry different types of shoes to have more fun on your holiday, as they say shoes take you places! So be sure to bring some sandals, flipflops, heels or sneakers


Pack ahead all that you will use for your hair, body, medicine if any and dental such as shampoos, conditioner, hair brush, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush etc. It is best if you pack all these toiletries in a simple single toiletry bag for easy of reach when you need them.


This list include all your important documents that you will need for your trip which include your passport(if needed), health insurance card, license, place of stay information, cash and bank cards.


All the other things that you can think of that you may need for your trip which may include your electronics, computer, books, magazines and other personal things like chewing gum, pillow or masks.

So before you are about to go on that epic holiday trip remember to check the above list for enjoyable and fun holiday ahead

Happy holidays!!XoXo


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