Meet Atukuzwe Tuza- A Tanzanian Jewelry Trader taking over Kariakoo

  By Willy Nkya
      Dar es salaam is the largest city in Tanzania, actually, It is the largest city in East Africa by population, as well as a regionally important economic centre. Located on the Swahili coast, the city is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's most important city for both business and government. The city contains high concentrations of trade, services and manufacturing compared to other parts of Tanzania, and Downtown includes small businesses run by traders. Kariakoo is among the CBD(Central business district ) of  Dar es salaam where Atukuzwe Tuza is among the shop owners,owning a Jewelry shop (Atu’s Jewerly palace) in the busiest street in Kariakoo (Congo/Aggrey street). She started her jewelry  business in September 2017 and it has been a total success. Atu,as she is well known, sells jewelry originally from China ,in retail and wholesale .
In a recent Q&A interview with Atukuzwe  we talked so much about the jewelry business and Atu has a lot to share especially if you want to know and learn all about the jewelry business in Dar.
M.P: Why did you choose jewelry business ?
Atu: “I actually chose jewelry business because ,its a business that I have been interested in for a very long time!Thou I didn’t know how I  will manage to get there ,but by God’s grace here I am today !”

M.P: What are the key things to consider when starting a jewelry business in dar?
Atu: sufficient capital, suitable location , appropriate target market and unique brands and design. Example I choose to establish my business in kariakoo because I saw kariakoo as the biggest business market in Tanzania ,and my intention is to make my business to be known in the whole country and world in general”
M.P: What specific type of jewelry do you sell?
Atu: “I sell normal  English gold jewelry, I have watches for both males and females, necklaces ,earrings ,bracelets, head gears of different design Yaani I have so much to offer people should just visit”

M.P: What challenges do you face doing business in dar ?especially the type of business you do?
Atu: “Challenges are inevitable in any business ,so what I mostly face is people like low prices regardless of the quality of the jewelry ,some even demand a discount on the lowest priced items”
M.P: What marketing strategies do u use?
Atu: “My marketing strategy is simple, I normally interact with my customers by offering great customer service like solving their problems in case they come with their complains about my products, this helps to put a good word about my business out there. Also I offer great treatment especially to my daily and common customers ,by remembering and frequently contacting them .this creates a good bond and helps the growth of the business ,sometimes I use social media especially instagram  to market my products”
M.P: What’s the most expensive and cheapest item in your store?
Atu: The piece with the highest price is a wedding necklace costing 200000 Tshs (100 USD) and the lowest price are earrings costing 2000tsh (1 USD).there is something for everybody in my store”

M.P: What type of jewelry is a perfect Christmas and new year gift to someone?
Atu: “Jewelry is an all year gift, regardless of the season , jewelry is that one perfect gift that doesn’t go out of style. For this Christmas a watch for the guys is a good idea, but also this might be the time to pop that question, so an engagement ring also works too.”
M.P: What message do you have to people interested in doing business like yours?
Atu: “I am actually encouraging them to pursue their dream! despite the ups and downs they shouldn’t be scared. But like I said before they should make sure they are ready and research more about the business the want to start. jewelry business is good if you do it right, so Karibuni Sana”

Atukuzwe is that young business woman that Tanzania should watch out,and I believe she poses as a good example to young ladies and youth in general with her hustles to making it in life as an independent young  woman.

Incase you need to learn more about jewelry contact Atukuzwe +255745504050/621005233 Or visit her instagram page @atusjewelryp_collection.


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