By Christine

It is my hope that we all had wonderful Christmas with our loved ones, family and friends. The  holiday season is still in the air as we yet have to celebrate new year which is only a week away. So as we are to start another chapter of our lives with the new year most people would like to list down some resolutions that they would like to reach so as to achieve their goals (the big picture).

I really love this idea of writing your resolutions because i think it really helps to keep you on track with your life just like a road map that will lead you to where you want to be in your life. With only one week to new year now is the perfect time to start listing down your resolution.

I know its a personal thing but i would like to challenge everyone to get more organized this year because you will benefit a lot. Among other things being organized makes life easier, reduces stress and stress induced diseases and many more.

Without further delaying, in this post i gathered tips to help you getting organized today!!


Learn to prioritize your tasks that you have for the day, week, or month. It will help more if you start prioritizing the hardest things first because once you do that big hard task it will be easy to do the rest small ones. So instead of wasting time when you wake up trying to think what you have to do, plan ahead the night before.

2. GET A DIARY           

It could also be a notebook, planner or anything that lets you write down and organize your tasks for the day or some period of time. This is really important as we normally forgot what we are supposed to do or where we are supposed to be. Get one now and see how effective you will be!


With so many things that we struggle with today, we need a calendar so it will help us manage time and keep track of important dates and events. Some things that you could put in your calendar include
date-specific appointments, tasks you struggle completing regularly or a monthly theme or slogan to keep you motivated.


Evaluate yourself to find out what takes a lot of your time that is not productive and try to cut out that time and use it to do more productive work. In this information era with social media easily available, can be the thing that takes up our time or any thing else related to you.You can always do that other thing later instead of wasting time. Do your research and change now!


Remove any unnecessary item from your life. These items can be your material possession like clothes, shoes etc or one's commitments. Find all the unnecessary items in your home and start de cluttering as most of us in our homes we live with so many junks that sometimes hinder our thinking or good health. You will be surprised at how much this will cleanse your mind and soul!

There are many tips out there to help you become more organized, but these are my top five tips that could help you living a productive and organized year. If you have more tips to add please add yours in the comment below as we would love to hear your thoughts!




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