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On the 25th of January 2018,Wema Sepetu the former miss Tanzania 2006 made instagramers sleep late at night just discussing on her va va vooom dress made by Tanzanian designer Mac couture, This dress created more buzz after news got out that I took two years to make it, crazy huh!!
Tokeo la picha la wema sepetu Mac couturewell I personally couldn’t believe it myself, but before I said anything ,I wanted to be sure ,because over here at Missie Popular ,we are all about FACTS! And today I bring you all the facts concerning this controversial  dress. On the 26th of January I managed to run into Mac ,who is the designer for this dress,we had a quick talk after he had showcased at the “MY SKIN MY PRIDE” fashion show hosted by Brigitte Alfred foundation . Mac shared a lot concerning this dress, and after this Post ,Trust me all your questions concerning this dress will be correctly answered .

Tokeo la picha la wema sepetu Mac couture

This was a big question to all, when people heard 2 years ,some say it was Dramaaaaa,but Mac himself explained what the 2 years meant ,people should understand before a dress is done there are processes to go through like studying ,Planning and designing the dress, finding the right fabrics and right materials to go with the dress ,because one thing is for sure Tanzania faces a great shortage of great fabrics and materials ,so most materials are imported from abroad like Turkey. Apart from all this, in making the dress some mistakes can occur and that means you start all over again. See people!!this is what 2 years mean.
Tokeo la picha la wema sepetu Mac coutureThe purpose for the dress
After seeing this dress some asked what was the whole purpose of this dress? Mac explained that the dress was made as symbol of a MASSIVE YEAR ,like the dress itself appears to be huge.2018 will be a Massive year for Mac as we expect to see more of his creative works and The Launch of his store in Dar es salaam ,Maybe Mac will showcase at SFW 2018 and other fashion event.what we can say is “Mungu atupe uzima”

Before I say the price just know that ,designers face a great challenge in setting a price for their work ,Even Ally Remtulah once said “its hard to put a price on creativity” so people should know Tanzanian Designers go through a lot of trouble in their work ,The Wema Sepetu dress comes at a price range of 3 Million Tanzania shilling ,before you say “its expensive” just know that you are buying a dress made of pure creative Talent ,with fabrics that are imported and its custom made .so before Judging just try wearing the shoes of these designers so you can understand the true value and work put into these masterpieces.

Apart from just talking about Wema sepetu’s dress ,I dug  a bit deeper into getting to know Mac couture ,it’s no doubt that 2017 was the year that we all got a chance to know Mac couture ,especially when Jokate put on the gorgeous blue dress, which today Mac acknowledges it ,as being among the dress that took his name places, Till today he receives orders from different parts of the world all referring to the blue dress.
    Mac designing inspiration is driven from The Arabs,he describes the Arabs as being elegant, fancy, luxurious and Rich ,where they always look for the best quality of everything .This made me understand why Mac goes through all the trouble of wasting two years on just ONE dress, Its because Mac wants to make the BEST!! Not just making anything .This Taught me one thing concerning Tanzanian designers most upcoming designer lack research and are afraid of taking risks .we all want Tanzania fashion industry to advance, hence we need to Invest more in it,from models,designers,stylist,photographers and bloggers etc….
   What Mac is doing is bringing class to the industry and being an example to others ,so before we criticize ,lets first acknowledge his great impact to the industry.All the best Mac we cant wait to be part of your Massive year .

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Picha inayohusiana
 Tokeo la picha la jokate mwegelo mac couturePicha inayohusianaTokeo la picha la jokate mwegelo mac couture

 Tokeo la picha la jokate mwegelo mac couture


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