By Willy Nkya

     Tanzania fashion industry has marked a remarkable growth over the years,it has managed to get more recognition across the world,Thanks to the effort of designers,bloggers,models,stylists and all the players in the fashion game.Among of the common players are Models,so The big Question is,Who is a Fashion Model?
A model is a person with a role  either to promote , display or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing in fashion shows), or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.

Prisca dastan(instgram profile @prisca_dastan)

Prisca Dastan Kayaga(Pikah) is a Tanzanian upcoming  Runway and commercial model born in  April  20th 1996 in Kigoma,Tanzania,Her professional profile is as follows,
1.      Height -178cms
2.      Waist -25cms
Pikah at SFW 2017
3.      Color of eyes-Brown
4.      Skin tone (skin color)-Black


Prisca who is also Pursuing a Bachelor degree of Marketing and Public relation  from the National Institute of Transport ,has done so much in her modeling career ,she has graced the runways of among the biggest fashion show in the country like Lady in Red,Le posh,Fasdo designers competition and the biggest event, The Swahili Fashion Week 2017. Prisca also had the privilege to work with designers,photographers,makeup  artists and fashion coordinators on several photo shoots .

Pikah at Lady in Red 2017
I managed to sit down and discuss modeling with Prisca,here goes our Q&A.
M.P :Why did you choose modeling?
Prisca: It’s not about the height, it’s not about the skin colour, not the appearance either but it’s the heart, the passion that I have with the modeling career.I believe ,I have the right attitude, experience and looks to be a successful model.
M.P :Who inspires you in modeling?
    Prisca: I always want to be my own inspiration but honestly, Flavian Matata delights my heart a lot, she helped me a lot to keep my head up in this career.

M.P: What’s the biggest thing you have done in your modeling career
Prisca: Being an inspiration to other people, many of us sees the house, but we don’t see where the door  is ,until someone who has been in that house comes and show you the door. Am proud that I’ve showed and I’ll keep showing the door to those people who want to enter in the fashion industry.

M.P: Why do most university girls get involved with modeling?
Prisca: Modeling has been perceived in a very different way, that it is seen like something inappropriate in the society ,where by most girls don’t get the chance to do it while in their homes, So when  they reach in the university, its where freedom is felt and the enthusiasm burn like the flame ,whereby many decides to do ,but not all girls fits in, only those who deserve to be, become models.
M.P: Are your parents supportive upon your modeling career?
Prisca: At first place no one agreed on it, but I had to give them a short course (education) about it ,whereby they just gave me some boundaries not to pass across. Thankful they understood, supports me and they what to see me successful in it. 
M.P :What would you like to fix in the modeling industry in TANZANIA?
Prisca: Modeling is a career just like other careers, people should stop perceiving it  in a different way, its given a  bad image. Models should be valued in a way that we deserve not the way they underestimate us.
M.P :What’s the best part of being a model?
Prisca: You learn, you meet new people and those whom you wished to see, you get chances to travel outside and inside the country. Also posing is one of them, since I’ve been doing before I became a model.
M.P :What’s the hardest part of being a model?
Prisca: Actually, most of the shows end late  at night ,so it becomes difficult to find proper transport means heading back  home, the safety is very low at night. Also during the auditions, you meet competitive models that you might lose confidence.  
M.P :If you were to award the best male and female model of the year 2017 who will they be and why?
Prisca; Jihan Dimach and George Charles (Gee Tyga), they are among the models who do their best to present well Tanzania in The fashion world.

M.P :Models are just girls trying to seek fame! Is this statement true??justify please
 Prisca: The Fashion industry is not a place you can easily get fame, it comes itself to those who really work hard, am pretty sure those who seek fame never get  anywhere. 

M.P :How can you describe Tanzanian fashion industry in 4 words?

M.P :What are your other hidden talents?
 Prisca: Not a comedian but I can make people laugh and I am a good singer.

M.P :In all the stages you have been on, which one was your favorite?
Prisca: Contesting in beauty pageant, modeling has created a lot that helped me to contest in Miss universe 2017 and ending as a top ten finalist, it was a nice experience I’ve ever had.

M.P :In between all models what makes you standout(Unique)
Prisca: I take a look of being a model in different angles of the world, mostly to my fellow youth. Making the steps for them to see the flying colours and believe that passion, belief and hard work could take them wherever they want to be.

M.P :Has it ever come a time that you wanted to quit?? And why? What kept you moving?
Prisca: Sure, sometimes I think of quitting so that I could concentrate more in my studies ,but strongly wish for it keeps me moving, its among the things I can do the best but also it’s a nice life platform if you only focus and have discipline

M.P :Who is your dream designer that u would like to walk for?
Prisca: Ally Rehmtullah is my favorite. 

M.P :What advice do you have for people who want to be models?
 Prisca: They need to be a “complete package” a package that carries discipline, desire and passion. Have confidence and belief in what they want to be, having  a good attitude and learn from others, not comparing with. And it’s not a job to be done in a day; they have to give out themselves truly. But first and fore thing our norms and customs should be considered though globalization tarnishes.

Prisca has truly shown passion and dedication in her modeling career,we wish her nothing but the best,as we start 2018 we hope to see more of her nailing it,in the fashion industry.

Good luck Pikah .

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