By Willy Nkya
   Do you remember the Alicia Keys song “Girl on fire”,well before reading this its better you listen to it. Speaking of Tanzanian girls on Fire ,The name Flaviana Matata surely pays the bills,The Tanzanian and US based Supermodel and former Miss Universe 2007  seems to be adding more wood to the fire in 2018. She has done so much over the years ,building her brand,establishing her amazing LAVY nail products and her Foundation (Flaviana Matata Foundation). Apart from being this fabulous entrepreneur  and humanitarian,she has become such an inspiration  and role model to most of us. I am humbled that I managed to meet Flaviana and  scored an interview with her. Truly she has so much to offer and she is sooo down to earth. Enjoy our Q&A  

M.P Who is your style icon?
Flavy: mhhhh!!! I think Rihanna

MP:What never goes out of style for you?
Flavy: T-shirt and jeans

MP:2018 is here what should we expect from you ?
Flavy: I am hoping to grow my brand as a model,growing my LAVY business and for My foundation (Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF)) Our girls are graduating ,its been 6 good years of FMF ,so the girls are graduating from high school(FORM 6) in May this year. So basically I am excited that the First phase(Intake) of FMF is graduating this year.

M.P :Any comments on Tanzania fashion industry?
Flavy: I thought it is growing but now we are going backwards, its like its dying .Well I think people don’t see the need of involving us, because we are outsiders and we don’t live here,but I think they can learn a lot from us. People should learn to work together and involve each other and not just taking all the burden by themselves. Just like Swahili fashion week ,I hear it on social media ,we are models ,we represent the country outside ow can you fly people from other countries and not your own. We feel like ,we are left behind ,instead we are being celebrated outside and not in  our own country, which is bad.
We also have Tanzanians who are doing great in the international market ,example the stylist Rosemary Kokuhilwa, she is brilliant ,but it’s funny that people don’t know her in Tanzania. So I generally think  creative minds are being lost in Tanzania , to be honest, without any creative minds ,there’s no fashion industry ,so its Dying.

M.P : Best workout song?
Flavy: Anything energetic 

MP: What type of outfit we will never see you wearing ?
Flavy: There are some Rihanna outfits that I will never dare to try

M.P : What is the best part about your Job?
Flavy: Traveling to different places and meeting new people. 

MP:Before posting on Instagram what are the key things to consider?
Flavy: Make sure the pic is good,know the right time that your audience is alive,and just make sure the aftermath of the pic doesn’t affect your brand.

MP:What are your best sites to get updates on fashion and style?
Flavy: Basically online ,because I think Magazines are dying ,mostly I visit sites like and  for makeup and beauty and 

MP:On a scale of 1-10 ,how would you rate your style?
Flavy: Can’t really rate my style ,because I am not a fan of competitions and ratings
MP: Before traveling ,what are your must haves?
Flavy: Passport ,my Toiletries ,then am good to go.

Flaviana new management profile
MP:Is it true that you have switched management? What happened

Flavy: Yes! I am with a new management now ,called  The lions Model management. Why...well I think with Wilhelmina Models, I got too comfortable because I was with them for a longtime... Plus I needed a smaller management where I could get more time and focus,as you may know Wilhelmina is an agency that has like a thousand models....You might have seen 2017 was a very busy year for me, so I believe Change is good.

MP:If I rob your wardrobe what items will I find the most?
Flavy: A lot of t-shirts and sneakers

MP: What are your fashion 5 commandments?
Flavy: 1.Wear something and not let something wear you.
           2.You don’t have to follow trends
           3.Be yourself
           4.Be comfortable
           5.Simplicity is classy

MP:What are your fashion destinations?
Flavy: New York,Paris and Milan 
MP: Anything you would like to share with us?
Flavy: Well I would just like to encourage, especially young girls,like what Missie Popular said (she did a very nice video about setting your GOALS ,it was really inspiring VIDEO LINK) I think these days kids are living their lives based on what they see on social media. They think everything is about Glamour, sometimes they see me posting a picture on a private Jet, and they think that’s my life,No! that's
not my life ,I get paid to do that. So they should stop thinking everything on social media is real, because we have influencers ,who are there to influence people to purchase something. For example ,If you see Flaviana wearing a Chanel bag  and you think she bought it ,what if I got it for free. What I am trying to say is, live within your means, work for everything that you want, don’t expect anything for free 
Me,(Willy Nkya) ,a glass of juice and Flaviana. Photo by Missie Popular
By The way ,Flavy is professionally an Electrical engineer so don’t talk electricity to her,atakuaibisha bure! 

I guess you see why we have to call our unborn baby girls Flaviana,Right!!Lol.because she is just that human being  who gives nothing but good vibes.Sadly my interview ends here. But be sure to check out her Social media handles @flavianamatata ,and we will be sure to keep you posted on all Flvvy 2018 news.


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