MISS TANZANIA IS BACK !!under new management (The Look Co Ltd)

By Willy Nkya
     Do you remember that beauty pageant that gave us names like Wema sepetu,Nancy Sumari,lilian kamazima,Jackline Ntayabilwe,Faraja Nyalandu ,Happiness Watimanywa,Genevive Mpangala ,Salha Israel and so many more , recently it gave us Diana Edward Lukmai.Yes !!I hope now you know what I am talking About.MISS TANZANIA is back!! And its back with a Bang!under a new management of the former Miss Tanzania 1998 Miss Basila Mwanukuzi The CEO of The Look Company Limited,on the beautiful evening on the 7th of April 2018 at the National Museum of Tanzania ,Dar es salaam City center ,Miss Tanzania 2018 was officially Launched .want to know how it went down don’t worry missiepopular.com has it covered .
   The launch event was hosted by our favorite Fashion Host Deogratius Kithama who looked stunning in a Custom Dominik Godfrey Suit ,The Guest of honor was The Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr Harrison Mwakyembe .the event was attended by many big names in the fashion industry to name a few Mama Alinda Sawe,Noel Ndale ,Khadija Mwanamboka,Mustapha Hassanali,Martin Kadinda and Ally Remtulah also The Tanzanian green hair boy was present too (Ben Pol),among of the few previous  Miss Tanzania’s that attended the event was Lilian Kamzima 2014,Genevive Mpangala(2010),Salha Israel(2011),Diana Edward 2016  and of course  Miss Tanzania 1998 Basila Mwanukuzi .
   The event was entertained by a traditional dance giving us that Afro vibe ,since it’s a national event why not celebrate culture .The Look company limited showed us a documentary of this prestigious  pageant over the years, since its birth in 1994 till today ,on the documentary it featured testimonies from Previous Miss Tanzania’s like Diana Edward,Lilian Kamazima and Genevive Mpangala sharing their experiences as Miss Tanzania . 
In the Middle of the  event  the legendary Tanzanian designer Khadija Mwanamboka gave us a collection of her collaboration with NIDA textiles ,The collection was titled “Khadija Mwanamboka for NIDA collection”.The collection featured atleast 10 pieces that are ready to wear and soon we will be seeing these pieces on stores across Tanzania and beyond,we just cant wait to look shine in Mwanamboka designs.

  Basila Mwanukuzi The CEO of The Look Company limited gave an introduction speech ,were she highlighted on the challenges of managing such a pageant ,  The biggest challenge is Partnership and sponsorship of such an event, after Basila and her Company have taken control of Miss Tanzania ,People expect a lot from this new Management but it's impossible to achieve great success without external help from the Government, Partners and Companies ,As we all know Miss Tanzania is one of the biggest platforms to advertise and promote your business, since the pageant carries The country name and it represents the country beyond borders .Basila kindly invites interested partners to collaborate with her in rebranding Miss Tanzania  as the Motto states "Urembo na Kazi kwa maendeleo ya Jamii "meaning "Beauty and Work for community development "  ,This shows how THE LOOK will revolutionize this Pageant. Since  we were all disappointed from The Previous organizers of Miss Tanzania LINO INTERNATIONAL AGENCY LIMITED under the Managing Director Mr Hashim Lundenga from their endless problems and scandals .The Guest of Honor also spoke upon the reasons of why Miss Tanzania was banned, as he terms it "Uhuni" mostly referring to the Diana Edward Miss Tanzania 2016 prize incident, where her winning prize was snatched away from her till today Diana hasn't received her Car.  Dr Mwakyembe has high expectations for the new management under Basila where she herself has held the title of  Miss Tanzania1998 ,He also Spoke upon his Determination in seeking for sponsors and partners for Miss Tanzania and he also Invited interested parties to help him in this. Among of his Target sponsors are Air Tanzania (ATC) ,Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) ,Vodacom Tanzania,TANAPA,D.T.DOBBIE ,Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) ,BANKS ,HOTELS and Designers

   The 2018 MISS TANZANIA is expected to kick off across multiple regions in Tanzania, grouping them into zones like (Central Zone,Northern Zone ,Eastern Zone , Lake Zone ,Southern Highlands and Dar es salaam(Temeke,Ilala,Ubungo ,Kinondoni and Kigamboni) ,it will also feature contestants from Pagents like Miss Higher learning insitutes .
    After Dr Harrison Mwakyembe officially launched The New Miss Tanzania 2018 it’s now up for the Agents across Tanzania to proceed with early stages of the pageant

After The official launch ,Deo called all the Previous Miss Tanzania in the House to give us a last taste of their catwalk ,Diana Edward kicked off with her Golden sparkle princess dress ,Giving us some cinderella vibe ,Genevive Mpangala With her pony tail hairstyle was number two ,Showing us her career  change to music doesn't mean she lost her catwalk ,Salha Israel Miss Tanzania 2011 rocked her Maroon dress and her seductive smile on the runway,Lilian Kamazima was stunning in white ,Her make up was flawless giving us Mom goals on the runway ,Lastly The Queen herself Miss Tanzania 1998 ,Basila conquered the Runway with her black and Silver glitter (Sparkle ) outfit ,showing us how she gets better with age just Like Wine!Lol!
Truly it was a good night out for fashionistas.
Now to all the Girls who will contest ,we wish you all the best and may the best girl Win . See you at the finals!!

We here at missiepopular.com would like congratulate Basila and her committee for bringing back A new Miss Tanzania.We can't wait to see what you have in stored for us ,and we will be by your side through this journey.

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