The Wrap Life

By Christine

Adding a head wrap can transform your look real quick and can make people turn their heads everywhere you passes. Most of us think a head wrap is only for bad hair days or lazy days to do your hair. With these rains that we are experiencing in the city a head wrap is the perfect accessory to add to your outfit of the day which will help you to protect your hair instead of wearing plastic shower caps or plastic bags lol!, Some might argue that they don't know how to tie the scarfs or different styles to spice up their looks into "lewk". Well, let me prove you wrong with these cute head wrap styles that you can try to do it for yourself. Plus there are hundred and one tutorials on you tube that will show you a step by step how to wrap your scarf.

Now, you might be wondering where am i to get all these cute scarfs/head wraps. You can get them at the local fashion boutiques or thrift shop but also i will recommend two of my favorites online shops on instagram which are @lees_headwrap and mesisisi_headwraps. They have a wide variety of scarfs and heard wraps to choose from at reasonable prices.
Also these are some of the YouTube tutorials which you can learn on how to tie them....
here cute 4 headwrap style and here chick ways to tie scarfs

Hope you will try some of the styles and let me know in the comments your favorite and if you did rock them!!!



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