Tiny/Miniature sunglasses trend

By Christine

If you didn't already know, teeny tiny sunglasses are officially in as you might have seen on Instagram lately. We can't say they are completely practical but they are the latest fashion cue. They are everywhere from big brands to fast-moving fashion shops. So here is your guide to this latest trend.......

Cat Eye Frames
They have the point v-shape cat eye cut that make your face look a bit wider but they are such a flattering pair to have if you don't mind a slight wide face.

Vee Money



Rectangle frames

These are best for oval and round face shapes


Circular/ Oval frames

You have to be careful with this particular type of frame.... but... when you do it right according to your face shape and your style, you can rock them pretty nice.

Well as many trends, this trend also started in runways but it's always exciting to try something new and be outside of your comfort zone. But then again, it's all about having fun and being comfortable with what you wear. So remember to have fun while trying this new trend!



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