What is SUCCESS,to you?

Over the years, we have been making the New Year resolutions as plans for succeeding in various ways and spheres of our lives. Be it in education, wealth accumulation, starting families, Financial independence or even Time independence, we strive in different ways,for success.

But let me ask you,WHAT IS SUCCESS,to YOU? How do you define your own success? What is it that you look at,measure,and determine your level of success? Is it being financially independent? Having achieved in attaining educational degrees? Starting a family? What is it that will make you say,"Mama, I made it!!!"

To me,TIME independence is my ultimate measure of SUCCESS. The day that I will be able to do anything at any time,going anywhere and be with my family and loved ones in any way,without limitations,then I will count myself as the most successful person!

What about you? What is success to you?

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