How and NOT Who Do you Love?

February is considered the month of love due to the St Valentines' celebrations. Be it plutonic or romantic love, it is a month when most people use it to show and articulate their feelings towards those they love. BUT this year I would like to ask you to use this Valentines time, differently. Instead of celebrating WHO you love, I want to ask you to learn HOW you love :)

We all show our love differently. There are those who show their love by WORDS, others by GIVING or TOUCHING while there are those who love by being PRESENT or by DOING things for others. By the way, this can be both how you show love or how you interpret love towards you.  Let me explain;

Love by WORDS: Those who show their love by words, are usually very good at saying I love you, I care for you, You are doing great, etc...Kibongobongo tunawaita "maneno mengi"..They are always providing words of affirmation to those they love, supporting them all the way. They use positive words to make their loved ones feel cared for and supported. So if you know someone who loves by words of affirmation, you will be closer to them if you use those words on them as often as possible.
 Love by GIVING: Have you ever met people who just give even their last bread? I am in this category too. The best way I show my loved ones how much I love them is by giving things, my time, and care. People who love this way are always good at giving gifts...So,birthdays, anniversaries etc,are always important to them. The hardest part is when you are in a relationship with this kind of a person, and you do not reciprocate the giving. It hurts to the core

Love by TOUCH: Hugs,kisses,hand holding...these are important things to those who express their love by physical touch. They don't care if you are in public or not,to them physical touch is very important. Even in the work place, you may find there are people who just like hand holding, long hand shakes and hugs that are appropriate for the work place but some may term them as unnecessary.

Love by being PRESENT: Spending quality time, giving their full attention is very important to people who love by being present. To them, nothing is worthy distracting their conversation with their loved ones. Taking a vacation/staycation to a place where only they can be together,is important. They are also very detail oriented...I know someone who falls in this category :)
Love by DOING: Nothing speaks louder than actions. People in this category show their love by doing things for their loved ones. They keep their promises, they help lift things, do chores, assist in work and going far and beyond to do things for those they love. If not careful,these people can have their plates full and still agree to help someone else with their work.

All the above are my understanding of the 5 Love languages as written by Gary Chapman...You may find the book and read more to understand yourself. There are even online quizzes that you can take to get to know your love language.

So.....HOW do you love? Better yet, how do you want to be loved,following the above different ways? Do you feel most loved when someone showers you with gifts? Or maybe when they give you their undivided attention? Or are you the lovey dovey kind who feel most loved when someone touches you appropriately? Or maybe when they do things for you?....How How How....

Leave me your comments below,let's discover our love language,together :) Happy Valentines to you and Yours 💓

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