The Late Bloomer; A Journey of Self Discovery

This 2020,let's dig deeper shall we? :)
For those who have been on the blog since its inception back in 2011, you may remember very well the struggles and failures I have had to experience, as a result of trying to fit in..trying to look a certain way...mostly, trying to resemble what I believed was the ideal look for a fashion and lifestyle blogger. And it is no secret that I failed miserably :)

It was until I took the time off and had a look at all that I was doing,but from a reader's perspective,that I realized what the problem was. I was FORCING the process! See...there are two different kinds of people when it comes to the various growth patterns. There are those who follow the text book to the T..that their growth is very NORMAL and on point (be it physically,emotionally etc)...and then there are US....The LATE BLOOMERS.

We take longer to discover ourselves, to know our features,angles and those curves (wink*) We late bloomers take time to learn our fashion styles, communication styles and many more. In order to look the part, we tend to go with trends and not own our personal styles (because we don't know it yet...) and hence spend more money on fitting in rather than LIVING our full lives.
It took me three years of trial and error, to reach here ...and I am still on that journey..BUT I can testify that there is light at the end of this tunnel. From understanding myself better to communicating better and even having a healthier self-talk, a lot has improved. I am sharing this because I know there are many late bloomers who are going through this journey as well. To you,I would like to send you a hug and tell you one thing,"You are who you are,be proud and give yourself time" I am not there yet either,but I would like to celebrate the little milestones along the way.

Key things I have learnt through this journey;

1. Take a step back and evaluate yourself. I am sure you have already received several feedback on your communication style, fashion style, work style etc. Take it all in,no matter how much it hurts

2. Be Frank/Open with yourself. Trust me,not everyone hates or is out to get you. There is truth in what they say,especially if the same feedback comes back to you from several people. Be open and own it

3. Be Still and Reflect. You may use meditation,yoga,prayers or even a vacation/staycation time alone to reflect and dig deeper about yourself. This gives you a chance to HEAR yourself and understand who you are

4. Change. This is the hard part. But as they say,nothing changes until you change an element or elements within it. If you know deep down that you want to be a better person,this journey is a must. To make it more tangible, try to write down all that you need to do differently, and track yourself.

5. Celebrate every Milestone. Every step counts,so do not forget to celebrate whenever you are able to make a change. These milestones are steps towards a better you,have fun while you discover yourself everyday.

The journey of Self-actualization is a mindful journey that can be achieved better when you are able to block most of the external noises (social media,family pressure etc) and concentrate on just YOU. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Ayesha Samji from MUKTI, who recently opened my mind on the power of Yoga and Wellness. This combination is my new secret formula to being myself, staying healthy and connect more with those close to my heart.

Dear fellow Late Bloomer,you are not alone on this journey. Block the noises, Be You and everything will adjust to fit who you are.

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  1. Yes yes. This is me and my GIFI project ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I stepped back for 2years and learn more before I come back. I am ready now. Very ready for 2020๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€