The Power of Investing in Yourself

Back when I started Blogging,there were very few people especially women,who were in the scene. This also meant very few available knowledge of how and what to do in order to benefit more,from blogging. This is just an example from the field that I have worked in for the past 10 years.

I am very sure that whatever field you are in,now you have access to variety of information and knowledge at your fingertips. Thankful to internet, we have access to online books,journals,videos and podcasts on various topics. And this is why I am writing this post today.

Investing in yourself comes in many ways,but today I will write about Knowledge and Looks.

Updating yourself on new trends in your field is very important. This can be through taking FREE online courses that can be found on websites like Coursera. However,for fields like medicine,accounts,procurement or engineering and related fields, using your membership dedicated courses (usually organized each year) is a great way to not only learn new things, but also network with others in your field. What I learned through the past 10 years of my work is that, it is never too late to learn something new.

This brings the other part of knowledge investment; Always add something new/a new skill in your profile.  From photography to Fashion Designing, Graphic design or interior designing. Do not under estimate the power of a new skill in your life,this is where an additional stream of income can be made. For example, I am a civil servant employed to serve the public from 08a.m to 05p.m Monday-Friday. On the other side, I learned Blogging, Vlogging,Video editing,Styling and now I am learning Graphic Designing.  And I can testify that sometimes what I make through these additional skills,is much more than what I get paid on my day job. Always Invest in KNOWLEDGE in mastering your craft,but also attaining new skills.

Looking at future trends in employability skills and entrepreneurial skills that we will all need in order to succeed, all indicate the need for a person to be multifaceted, flexible and very informative. Start investing in yourself today

They say the first impression matters...and that people make an assumption of who you are, through HOW YOU LOOK. Well,I was told that second part by my former boss,and I agree 100%. I lost several opportunities in business,just because my Missie Popular brand did not match how I looked. Over time, I learnt how important it is to invest in how you look,both physically and digitally.

Physically means how you dress, how you smell (yes its quite important too),how you walk, and the firmness of your handshake. Someone once told me that I have a "Leader"kinda handshake...I am still figuring out what that means,but I took it as a compliment....Well,back to the topic...Investing in your looks starts with dressing the right way for the right place. Investing in quality clothes and accessories, wearing the right colors, and most importantly,wearing things that fit....let me repeat this, wearing things that FIT.

Lets move to the digital looks;by its name,this is on how your digital footprint looks like. What are the conversations you engage in on social media, who do you follow? What posts do you do and much more. Recently, employers and even governments have started doing social media checks whenever you apply for a job or visa. Thus, your face-to-face interview is not enough anymore...Invest on how to have the same look,online. You can also take various courses on social media management through Google etc... This will help you define your brand and engage on online conversations according to your personal brand guidelines. Ask yourself,Who Am I? What do I represent?Does my words and action match how I look? Or Do I say one thing but my looks communicate the other?

What I learnt is that,do not hurry. Take your time to understand yourself better, then structure everything to fit who you are.

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