The African Print Kimono Story

 Let me tell you a story; One day I was passing the mabatini road in Dar es Salaam, and from a glass window I saw a beautiful black and white checkered suite. The name on the front door read Hellen Touches. Now, I know of many designer shops and the new unknown ones always intrigue me. That day, I passed the shop and went home. A week passed and I had to use the same road again. This time, there was a white two piece trouser that was on display. Mind you,it was a week toward Valentines Day and I had plans of doing an "All White" Valentines photoshoot. So,I stopped and went to check it out

I was met by a rather charming lady who introduced herself as Hellen,the owner of the shop. Her face was not new to me,I recognized her from I asked her.
"Yes,I once showcased at the Swahili Fashion Week", she said. In my mind,i rearranged the files and remembered the day I saw her designs on the runway,no wonder she looks familiar. I liked her collection.
 As I inspected the two piece that was on display, I realized it was two sizes bigger. Hellen was quick to reassure me that it can be fixed to my size and delivered to me in two days. I was skeptical...see,I am one of those people who buy something straight from the hanger and I hate alterations. So,I moved to the next lineup of clothes,just checking what else she has. And this Kitenge maxi kimono got my attention.

Mind you I had no plans of buying anything except an All White attire for the photoshoot...but this piece was just ogling me with sexy eyes that asked me to take it home :) I am not a mean person, so I obeyed and bought it. In my financial part of the brain, I told myself it was a Valentines present to myself..."you should do this once in a while,Mariam"...I told myself.
Looking at it here,I am proud of that financial part of my brain! It is magnificent! I rocked it with a yellow wide-legged pleated jumpsuit, platinum pumps and green head scarf. Accessories were burgundy threaded earrings and colorless rimmed specs.

You may get the same design of this kimono at Hellen Touches

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