Leveraging on the M.P Brand to Push Positive Content

For the majority of my blogging career, I have been struggling with finding the best way to push educative content, on a positive way. Consider the fashion and style posts for example, too many people were emotionally hurt by the criticism that,from my end, I thought I was helping. When I sat down and read the old posts again, I understood and felt their pain. This is one of the reasons why I have stopped doing Fashion Police,for good.
So,what is the new positive way of leveraging the popularity of the Missie Popular brand in order to impact people?... The M.P LIVE Forum sessions, now on Instagram and later on Facebook and YouTube. 

Every Wednesday and Sunday 9pm, I have been running a series called M.P LIVE Forum, which has 5 episodes as of today,on Instagram. Together with some of my amazing Instagram Family, we have discussed on Marriage and Relationships, Budgeting, Social Skills, Branding and more. The series gives an open and positive platform for everyone to share their experience and knowledge on a specific topic,without prejudice. Speakers/Guests with specialization on certain industries are welcome to give FREE Masterclasses to all who are interested.

WHY did I decide to re-brand Missie Popular in such light? I believe I have grown to such extent that I see beyond clothes and accessories. I have been able to see my community's need for an environment for such peer-to-peer education that you won't merely get in a classroom, or from such experienced people who practice on a daily. I have been able to see the need for an open environment to showcase local businesses, enterprises and projects that might struggle to advertise on conventional media channels due to budget constrains. 

I have seen the need to be the channel for other people's socio-economic growth.

Welcome to the new phase of the Missie Popular brand.

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