For Better Success,take your "mind" on a date, regularly!

 Our Thoughts define our Actions, that is the reality of life. They can be positive thoughts or rather,destructive ones. Either way, we all have those moments when we are deep in our heads,discussing or debating and even making conclusions on matters that in the end, impact our actions and decisions. This is done through the neurological network that influence how we think, our emotional responses as well as our actions.  

When you think of how stressful or boring your job is, you are actually telling your mind to take it in as your reality. And this is what we do everyday! But what if we have the power to free our minds, to  shift/change our realities? What if we can make things work better just by being more conscious of our thoughts, and change the way we react to things? What if all it takes is to "date" our minds? I believe it is possible,through the following;

1. Becoming more Self Aware: Just like dating another human being, you firstly take time to get to know him/her. The same with our minds, you can only change what you are aware of,right? I believe if we are more aware of our feelings, our thoughts and most importantly become aware of our reactions, then we can be able to start working on changing the narrative. So,give yourself enough time to know WHO YOU ARE. What are your strengths? Weaknesses/limitations? What is it you want in life? After being self aware, then you can make your plans and strategies on how to achieve your desired goals in life.

2. Slow Down the Pace & Listen: Oooh isn't this the irony! One minute I tell you, "we have to move and realize our goals",and now here I am, saying we have to slow down the pace...mmhhh! Please hear me out.... I believe if we slow down when we feel stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed, then we will be able to LISTEN to our own thoughts and figure out the problems. Just like when you are dating a person, you take it slow to feel their vibe, to know their life ambitions, what stresses them, how they react to stress etc. Only then will you be able to figure out if you can continue dating them, take some time off or stop altogether. We need to learn to do the same with our minds. LISTEN

3. Feed your mind on what YOU want: What is it that you want? Do you talk to yourself about it? Do you tell yourself of how good you are and that you will achieve it? Can you VISUALIZE it and see yourself already celebrating achieving your dream? Just like any muscle, our brain can be trained to look at things or react to things differently. This means, by visualizing the positives in your journey, the brain will also believe in it and give more towards that journey. So,instead of thinking on what you DO NOT want, like to work in a stressed environment or pitch your idea to 10 investors only to receive a no from all...try to shift your mind to the more positive things that you can do. I am trying this right now, as I resume my fitness journey, and I must say,it is working wonderfully!

4. The secret is in YOU: Only you,can make the change. And this can only happen if you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and celebrate your little achievements as you go. You may work so hard, or even add more degrees etc,but as long as you still believe you are not worth ENOUGH, you will not be able to move forward. Don't be like that person we all know too well, the one who goes to hundreds of dates, and has the same reaction " He/She is out of my league". 

 So my question to you today is, do you date your mind? How much do you believe in your own strength? Or rather,how many people have made your mind their play ground, and made you believe that you aren't enough?

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