Re-Brand & Re-Invent Yourself, Always.

In any situation, we get bored, tired and sick of repetitions. Be it in eating same food, seeing the same TV shows etc. This is the same with our lives. Things become much interesting and fun when we move things around, shake the tables and shed a little of that comfortable skins. There is so much to gain from rebranding and re-inventing oneself. 

But before I go there, let me spend this paragraph to share my understanding of the term, rebranding. You are a brand. Just like Coca Cola, Emirates etc, you have your own unique features, characteristics, behaviors etc. This means, when some people are asked to define you, there are several similar words that they will all use, which means, that is how your brand is perceived. Take an example of Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin brand who is well known as a risk taker and adventurous. Or you may look at our very own Naseeb a.k.a Diamond Platinumz who is well known for his love for fashion, women and drama. 

To rebrand, means to be able to KNOW your brand, gauge if what others see as your brand is exactly WHO you are, and to be able to refine it according to what you are. It is giving yourself a chance to share your authentic self, with the rest of the world. This maybe done through addition, subtraction or making changes on your personal brand 
Re-branding and Re-invention give us a chance to show our true selves and hence we are able to set ourselves apart from others. There is truth in the saying that we are all unique. Being able to sit down and evaluate your brand, and there after rebrand it according to your truth, ensures that your uniqueness will come out shining

It is also a chance to reflect on your vision and goals. As you evaluate your personal brand, you get the chance to see if you are still on the same journey or you have been swayed away. It is a great time to restructure your goals, create priorities, evaluate the systems that may support you to achieve the set goals. This may include giving you a chance to add or reduce the amount of projects/workload that you have given yourself.
As you strategize and prioritize on your goals, rebranding allows others to see you on a different light. This is a great opportunity to gain new customers, supporters, relationships and even investors, depending on the type of brand you are. Since your authenticity will be well visible, it will attract the right people to you.
Last but not least, is the confidence boost. You know what, being able to live, say and act at your true authentic self, is the best feeling ever! Acting is haaaard yo! So, the moment you know more about yourself/your brand and be able to align all that you do in order to showcase your truth, your level of confidence will go up. Why? Because you are YOU. What you do or say will be aligned to your values and principles, and that is your differentiating factor.

Before you re-brand, do you know WHO YOU ARE? Are you in touch with your personal brand? 

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