Shredding that Post-baby weight, My journey

Bringing a baby in to the world is one of the most precious, terrifying and yet most rewarding thing ever! However, it does not matter HOW you finish your journey, we all come out with major scars. The most obvious is the weight gain which leaves most women helpless. This is my story.

I have two baby boys (4 and 1 yrs). Before my first baby, my maximum weight was 52kg, but until I had him, I was 64kg. Shredding the weight after the first baby was easier than I expected, I guess my active life helped a lot. So by his first birthday, I was 54kg in weight. Life was back to normal and I liked my body. Well, that was until my second pregnancy.

Ranging from pregnancy depression to insomnia and then the weight gain, it was one hell of a mess! From 54kg to almost 70kg,it was quite a journey for me. I did not take any pictures of myself until the last month, when we did a family photoshoot. You can see the pictures on my Instagram @MissiePopular. 
Because of other health complications, I could not workout for the first 9 months after the baby. By then, I started feeling depressed by how my body changed...well, plus all the comments I received from family, co-workers and colleagues made it even worse. The moment the doctor okeyed me for exercise, I started doing planks at home. I followed video workouts by a girl named CHLOE TING on YouTube and I started getting back in shape. I did home workouts for 6 months straight.
This is me on my first day back to the gym, weighing 62kg. My son was 1 and 1/2 years by then. I could see my body getting back in to shape and thus my gym workouts concentrated in toning rather than shredding. This is the same routine I use until now. In a week, I only workout for 2 hours on Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday. My routine involves  aerobics and weights, specifically for the Abs and the back.
After one month, I can see the shoulders getting toned to perfection, my abs are peeping and I am super light! I haven't checked my weight yet but I like how I feel and how active I have become.
In case you are struggling with the baby weight, let me know in the comments below and I will assist to share the different tips and tricks that have helped me so far.

After all, we all deserve to be happy with our bodies, right?  FOLLOW my weight loss journey through my Insta posts at @MissiePopular

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