Summer Vibes in Bijoux Trendy

Summer is here and I am loving every bit of it! Well, except for the extreme heat part hahaha, but the vibe is just right! 

So, I said to myself, why not try to find some local designer piece that exudes the summer vibe while giving you that modest cover? And guess what, this Bijoux Trendy two piece is that and more!

First of all, it is a hand dyed batik material, made in Africa and by an African designer. Our very own Tanzanian girl, Amina of the Bijoux Trendy label. And something I never expected, is how professional the finishing is! If you have ever purchased from various Tanzanian designers before, you know what I am talking about ;)
The material is super light and hugs to your body every time there is wind, brushing the skin so delicately. As I celebrate and showcase my city of Dar es Salaam, I recommend you check out this brand too.

Moreover, my birthday month is loading.....and I promised to use the whole of January to showcase various designer works through my Instagram page @MissiePopular and here on the blog. Which designer would you recommend I showcase their work? Leave me a comment below :)

Photography: Bless Dollar
Makeup: Neema of Atsoko
Stylist: Irada
Wardrobe: Bijoux Trendy
Accessories: Kuskus Jewels
Model: MissiePopular :)

Missie Popular



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