Dar es Salaam- the East African Fashion Hub

It goes without saying that I LOVE my city, Dar es Salaam. Besides its beautiful architecture, the beach, the super crazy but amazing people, it is also home to great fashion and style in East Africa. It is where fashion trends start and spread to other parts of the East African region, especially through the incorporation of fashion in music and films. This is the Bongoland, and I love it to the core!

It is its majestic architecture and resilient people that inspired me to do this photoshoot. Interpreting how beautiful my city is, the strength and pride its people has and of course, the fashion and style that can be found here. The green color goes with our attempt to embrace sustainability in most of what we do, while the exaggerated moves matches our very own pride and egos as Dar es Salaam dwellers. If you have ever been to this city, you will understand that last part better. No matter who you meet and what their social status is, the pride and ego is of the same size!

 But we laugh at every situation we go through. Be it the April rain and floods, the usual crazy traffic jam or getting into the bus through the window, it is never that serious :) You will always hear that same phrase, this is Bongo! 

I accessorized the look with ivory colored bangles, earrings and shoes, as a way of showing my sincere optimism for the economic development of my city, which can be contributed by the formalization and development of the fashion industry. I have hope that this East African fashion hub can be able to manufacture and distribute fashion items to the whole of Eastern and Central Africa. We can go beyond fashion designing and events, If only we try.

As I celebrate this, I also congratulate the likes of Khadija Mwanamboka, Kemi Kalikawe and Ally Rehmtullah, who own fashion institutes that groom more designers for the East African market. I urge more investors to take on various opportunities in this sector, and together we can create a bigger impact

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