My Safari Experience to the Mikumi National Park

Spending a full day in the wild is one of the best experience ever! Especially if that wilderness is one of Tanzania's National Parks!

My family and I decided to celebrate new years and my birthday at Mikumi National Park,located in Morogoro,Tanzania. Our safari vehicle picked us from our doorstep at 5a.m and we left Dar es Salaam. It was an adventurous drive all the way, as the kids point at this and that and play in the car. Mind you, we two 4year olds and one boy who is less that 2 years. Soooo,you can imagine the excitement!
Our driver,Mr. Peter from Lavano Tours is also an amazing tour guide. He made sure we had a smooth ride as well as taking us around the National Park, all the time giving us details on various animals and their behaviors. His mission was to make sure we saw all the animals that the kids mentioned as their list, and we did! From the mighty lion (Mr Peter will disagree on the mighty part hahaha),the ever elegant giraffe, birds, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes, zebras, buffalos, to the king of the wilderness, the elephant!
We rested under this 300 years old baobab tree, and had our snacks before heading out again for some more fun!
Taking pictures of this scenery was just magical! I felt like the cameras were failing to actually capture the beauty!

We had so much fun!
Our accommodation was Camp Bastian, a rather tourist spot that is well blended into nature. I loooove the greenery of the place and their staff! Oooh such friendly and helpful people! 
I wish I captured more pictures of the camp know when traveling with kids, plans change as time goes. Hopefully I will get another chance to visit the place and share it with you :)

I hope this motivates you to plan for a trip to one of Tanzania's beautiful parks. I assure you, no words and no pictures can capture the ACTUAL beauty of this place! You have to experience, to understand. 

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Goodluck on your future travels :)

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