The Best Way to Accessorize your Outfit

I have never been good at accessorizing, well...that was until I met my current stylist, Ms Irada. By working with her, I learnt the best ways to accessorize any outfit, following the rule of THREE. Here is what I mean;

1. Your accessories should always be in layers, and it looks best when the layers are three. The area above your shoulders, the mid section and the feet

Above the shoulders may involve a pair of statement earrings as seen on the above picture, or a statement hair style, or a head scarf/hat/fascinator that calls for attention etc. 

The mid section involves a waist belt, a bag/clutch or waist beads etc. Of course, all this is apart from the pants, skirt or anything that you wear, but rather what you add into it.

And the last part is the feet area. This mostly involves the kind of shoes you wear, in terms of style, color and ornaments that come with the shoes. It can also involve stockings, socks, anklets etc

2. Your accessories should COMPLIMENT your outfit and not stand on their own. Here, I learnt the second rule of color blending. Look at this picture for example, you will notice that there are three main colors used in the entire look, and the colors of the accessories is among them (Green, Yellow, Ivory). This rule helps your outfit to look good and coordinated, in the eye of an observer :)

 3. Mix the various sizes of your accessories. Depending on where you want to direct people's attention to, your choice of accessory sizes should factor that in. If you want attention on your face, then choose big earrings or a fun hairstyle/head scarf/hat etc. The same with your shoes, if you are wearing an outfit that you think might look boring/dull, then you may shift people's attention to your feet by choosing statement shoes.

I hope you have gathered one or two helpful tips, as I keep sharing whatever new that I learn everyday. As usual, let's continue the conversation on my social accounts Here

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