Maternity Life of a Fellow Blogger - Nancie

Friday, November 29, 2013 Missie Popular 0 Comments

Nancie is a Kenyan fashion Blogger that I have had the privilege of meeting at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 world tour in Cape Town,South Africa. She is a down to earth lady who loves fashion and has quite a unique style. One thing that caught my attention about this blogger and fashionista is her use of second hand (mitumba) pieces that she transforms into amazing looks!...
 Many of you know that I rarely shop in boutiques... Bongo Shopaholics and Malaika are some of my great sources for fashionable items and they all sell second hand pieces...Yes,I wear Mitumba too ;)) BUT heeey,that's not the aim of this post...Fellow Blogger Nancie just revealed that she is expecting her first baby!!
 These are some of the maternity looks she shared in her site You can pay her a visit and learn some more...

 What do you think? Her pregnancy experience might be very different from yours and any other woman,thus the choice of style for your maternity might differ
Many congrats to you Nancie...and all expecting mothers...

Keep your style rocking even through the maternity period (rahisi kusema tu,right?)

Missie Popular

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