FAREWELL LADY IN RED ,Mama Asya Idarious khamsin

 By Willy Nkya
Asya Idarious receiving an award from Medy fashion House
    Each year on February ,Tanzanian fashion lovers got a chance to see great new talents emerge on the LADY IN RED fashion show in Dar es salaam,This fabulous platform was organized and created by Mama Asya Idarious Khamsin 15 years ago,Its really hard to believe that 15 years have gone by so fast.But we are left with great memories of The lady in Red Fashion show ,since among the big names in Tanzanian fashion industry have marked their growth through Lady in Red,names like Martin Kadinda,Ally Remtulah,Hameed Abdul,Mustapha Hassanali ,Lucky Creations,Kulwa Mkwandule,Samwel zebedayo are among designers that made their careers rise ,not forgetting Tanzania international male model Dax Cruz.Through Lady in Red ,Tanzania's  fashion industry gained a tremendous gro
wth and recognition.
    On February 9th 2018 ,was said to be the last Lady in Red fashion show to be organized by The legendary Tanzanian Female designer Asya Idarious Khamsin ,after hosting the show for 15 years ,she decided to take a break, as an organizer,allowing anyone to take the wheel and drive the Lady in Red train. The Lady in Red fashion show took place at Friday Night at King Solomon Hall in Namanga,Dar es salaam.The Fashion show began around 21:20 hrs,where we got a chance to see multiple designers showcasing their creative works,among the new designers that show cased are Neste fashion,happiness designs, Nyamungo,Mohamed Juma (22 years old),Lissa Afrisolo,Rama D,Hijab Couture ,Kisusi designs, Agusta 10 new designers,and the big names like Khadija Mwanamboka,Mustapha Hassanali,Lucky creations,Hameed Abdul and Rukia Wanene.Truly was a great fashion night out.
Apart from just celebrating fashion ,Lady in Red has always had a target of creating awareness upon Drug abuse,on this farewell night,Asya Idarious conducted a painting auction to help raise fund to support the sober houses and rehab centers in Morogoro and Kigamboni Dar es salaam.
 As Asya steps down from Lady in Red,we believe that this wont be the end of it,i kindly call upon interested parties to take control on making sure that lady in red fashion show survives ,because this is among the biggest fashion events in Tanzania,and its impacts are great beyond measures.

willy Nkya with MEDY FASHION HOUSE teams

FAREWELL LADY IN RED Mama Asya Idarious ,we Thank God for you,and we truly appreciate your effort and dedication upon improving the lives of young talented fashion minds in Tanzania ,and promoting the country's creative industry across multiple boundaries.We are looking forward to seeing you as you partake your new duty as the Vice president of Tanzania's Fashion Association .We beilive you have so much instored for us .Tunakupenda Mama wa mitindo


By Willy Nkya
As the whole world awaits the Most anticipated afrocentric Marvel superhero film “Black panther” which is said to hit theaters on feburary 16th 2018.the Movie features big names in Hollywood like Lupita Nyong’o,Chadwick Boseman,Michael B Jordan , Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Andy Serkis.
On January 29th 2018 was the first ever world premier of Black Panther at the Dolby theater in Los Angeles ,California . The Purple carpet was graced by stars all wearing their African inspired outfits and accessories .the Asian premier of the film was held in Seoul ,South Korea on February  5th  2018 .In all these premieres ,we focus on the Men, upon their outfits and details and comments around what they are wearing .kicking of our look,is The Black panther himself,

chadwick Boseman
    Chadwick Boseman wore an Emporio Armani double-breasted metallic floral jacket in LA which was styled with Christian Louboutin ‘Cyprien’ boots’ and David Yurman accessories .

Ryan Coogler the Writer and director of the film wore a black suit accessorizing it with an African print scarf ,
Tokeo la picha la ryan coogler black panther primeir
Ryan Coogler
Donald Glover

Donald Glover wore a orange suit by  Dolce & Gabbana  ,Showing us the Orange is the new black.

Daniel Kaluuya wore a traditional Ugandan kanzu , styling the formalwear with a burgundy Burberry Soho blazer, Christian Louboutin loafers, and David Yurman accessories ,
Daniel Kaluuya

David Oyelowo wore an African fabric patterned look which showed a great African heritage ,
David Oyelewo

John and Atandwa Kani(Father and son ) were dressed by the highly acclaimed Laduma Ngxokolo of MAXHOSA, and accessorized with Xhosa beads.

Atandwa and His Father John Kani

Seth Carr

Jamie Fox and Martin Lawrence

Miles Brown

snoop Dogg

Michael B Jordan

Forest Whitaker and Sterling K Brown
Its great seeing men putting an effort on fashion.this basically means girls should watchout,as Men are about to takeover the fashion world .Lol!!
 tell us what you think of this film so far,upon its impact on african culture?
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Our Designers; Lavo de Lamo

By Christine

I love the fact that there so many upcoming designers now that are doing really well and their works are really nice and creative. While we attended the My Skin, My Pride Fashion (get a glimpse of it here) event we met a few of the designers and got to interview some of the designer

Let's meet Upendo Mkonya the lady behind Lavo de lamo designs (lavo_delamo.designs)

According to Upendo her creative juices ran in the family as she was inspired to be a designer from her mother who owned a tailoring place and thus, growing up she was already exposed to the world of fashion.

When she was in school she used to do fashion shows and design some clothes for the models which all encouraged her toward realizing her dream . By the time she finished school she already knew what she wanted to do and in 2015 she started her brand and hustled to be the designer we know today.
It wasn't easy but through good marketing strategy and good work(designs) she was able to reach her customers and since then she has been able to attend various big and small fashion shows to give her more exposure in the fashion Industry of Tanzania.

Well Let's see some of Upendo's work and be sure to check out more on her Instagram page (@lavo_delamo.designs) for her works, directions and more updates of her.

What an incredible designers we have and let's continue supporting them and support local business so as we can represent even further in this fashion industry.

Until next time,

Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Journey,the Video

It wasn'r REAL until last night when Kylie decided to let the world see the whole pregnancy journey until the delivery of a beautiful daughter! Some speculated she was Kim's surrogate....others thought it was just another Kardashian fame-game...but who knew!!! This "To Our Daughter" video had me tearing as a MF!! WATCH

Your thoughts? Did you really think Kylie could hide her pregnancy for a whole 9 months? I for one,doubted her biiiig time!

Missie Popular


By Willy Nkya 

Disability has been a setback to most disabled people in chasing their dreams, I knowing this ,Brigette Alfred the Former miss Tanzania 2012 ,established her Foundation (Brigette Alfred Foundation) basing on empowering and being the voice of the Albino society, her Beauty with a purpose project made her to become the 2nd Runner-up   on the Miss World pageant back in 2013. After the Miss World pageant Brigette  went on with her Foundation and touched so many hearts over the years, Recently she Hosted a Fashion show at the Turkish Embassy in Dar es salaam Titled “My Skin My Pride” on the 26th of January 2018.This Fashion show gave us a chance to see beautifully young girls taking over the Runway, wearing great designs from multiple designers like Mac couture ,Enjipai jewelery ,lavo delamo designs ,Annisatanzania ,Jacques collection and from The Turkish Ambassador’s wife Mrs Yesim Dovutoglu .Truly these gorgeous models showed us that Disability is not inability .
Christine and Models (Zainab,Sabrina,Mwanahamisi and Diana ) 
  After the Show ,me and Christine managed to have a little chat with the stars of the night (The models) and they had a lot to share ,We met Sabrina  Ismail , Zainab Makala , Mwanahamisi ,Lulu Nathaniel and Diana Petro.
 The models shared upon their future plans ,what I can say they have so much in stored for you ,all they ask is the support! because they believe they have a long way to go and without your help most of their dreams are left behind .Apart from these girls walking the runway they also have Tonnes of talents ,example Sabrina Ismail loves acting and she has been acting since when she was young ,also Zainab is part of a cultural dance Group titled “Albino  revolution cultural group” .
Lulu Nathaniel photo by Kebby designs

 Their Biggest Message to the world is that, “People should understand that being disabled ,it’s not a point to segregate us,  because at the end of the day we are all humans and we can do greater things  ,Parents should understand that their child being disabled doesn’t mean he or she is a burden ,but if given a chance to get access to basic needs like education ,he or she might have a great impact in their lives .Also people should understand the great need of involving us in multiple platforms like Today we did a fashion show proving that despite having albinism we can still take part in the fashion industry.

 Lastly,I asked them upon how they see the Tanzanian fashion industry ,since they just stepped into this fascinating industry. All they could say ,is that  they see great talents in this  growing industry ,because they got a chance to wear great designs from talented designers and can’t wait to step in more fashion platforms in the country .

A round of applause goes to everyone who took part in making My skin My pride fashion show happen ,Its no doubt we need more people like Brigette,who understand that there is more to life beyond what we are used too. Congratulations Brigette Alfred .

The Fashion Association of Tanzania launched on 31st January 2018

The Tanzanian designers have joined hands together on the establishment of their association. The fashion Association of Tanzania which was officially announced today 31st January 2018 at Habari Maelezo in Dar es Salaam.

Fashion Association of Tanzania (FAT) is a not-for-profit body that aims to further the interests of Tanzania fashion industry by harnessing and sharing collective knowledge, experience and resources of the sector. The association intends to develop the Tanzania fashion industry in conjunction with its constituent stakeholders.
The plan of establishing this association came from Tanzania National Art Council (BASATA) through its Director of Arts Promotion and Marketing Mrs Vivian Shalua, who stated during the Swahili Fashion Week 2017 launch press conference held on 1st November 2017, she insisted that Tanzanian designers ought to establish their association which will provide effective efforts into  decision making and regulatory matters that affect its members, and to encourage and participate in programs of benefit to the fashion industry as whole. She challenged Swahili Fashion Week organizer to take the lead assuring a full support from BASATA in all matters of their interest.

Addressing the journalist the founder of FAT, Mustafa Hassanali stated “FAT is here to be a strong professional body that will be effective to foster and strengthen the Tanzania fashion industry. As designers we support the initiatives of His excellency The President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr.John Pombe Magufuli of a Semi Industrilaised Tanzania by 2025 by spearheading the “Made in Tanzania” textile and apparel products.”
“Tanzania fashion industry is growing at a rapid rate, its stakeholders face a number of significant challenges, yet we are optimistic that the time of fruition is at hand through the establishment of such Association with intent on strengthening the positive relationship with all fashion industry players, stakeholders and at governmental level within Tanzania, regionally and Internationally” Added Mustafa Hassanali, Founder of FAT
According to the another  FAT founder, Mrs Asia Idarous , FAT is not only meant for  designers but all stakeholders in the  fashion industry , it includes various Fashion platforms, fashion institutions, fashion stylists, fashion Models , fashion photographers, Textile and apparel firms, Garment/textile/Apparel manufacturers and retailers to mention but a few.

Also she  added that “ I have traveled the world and participated in many fashion platforms, but the most successful countries in fashion industry are the ones who have taken an initiative of having an organization which will stand for their interest, it is never too late for us, challenges are there in any association especially a new one, but we are building the culture and implementing  the governance that will allow  us to meet our objectives  as an association, I am confident we have made a good start at FAT”
Tanzania fashion industry players are encouraged to join the association in raising their voices towards new fashion opportunities, overcoming fashion challenge and broaden their network across Africa and beyond so as to spearhead the “semi-industrialization policy” of 2025 that advocated by the president of Tanzania.