Mshamba101: Aina za Ngozi

Usiende kujikandika mafuta ya Vaseline wakati ngozi yako ni ya mfuta...Jua Ngozi yako kabla ya kuanza kutumia bidhaa...

Missie Popular

The Eyebrow Stamp- New Trend?

Its an Eyebrow STAMP!! This is perfect for those with shaky hands and clueless like me!
What is this is all about? Well,you buy the stamp, it comes in a you stamp your office documents, you use your eyebrow powder as ink and taraaaaaaa STAMP!

Watch the Video below for more details

Would you use the stamp? Is it worth it?

xoxo Missie Popular

5 Facts Kuhusu Perfume

Je wewe ni mpenzi wa perfume? Kama ndio, basi hizi ni Facts 5 kuhusu Perfume...Kuanzia zinapotengenezwa,aina zake na Matumizi sahihi.

ENJOY the video

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Kweli-Mimi ni Mshamba!

It's been long coming, but the realization has officially dawned on me. I have a long list of things to learn,here is why...

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Stripped and Greyed for Ramadan

 Monday is here and what to wear? Well,I went grey with a stripped shirt, grey heels, grey full length wrap and black pants
Sorry for the picture quality, we are working on something much better....hopefully a different location as well,some outdoor site maybe?

Stay tuned.

Pictures by Amani

Missie Popular

5 Tips on #WhatToWear during Ramadan

Wondering what to wear during Ramadan? Keeping that fashion style you love so much? Or maybe you are a Corporate chic and do not want to change too much but still want to dress in Stara? This is for you...

Missie Popular