Our Thoughts define our Actions, that is the reality of life. They can be positive thoughts or rather,destructive ones. Either way, we all have those moments when we are deep in our heads,discussing or debating and even making conclusions on matters that in the end, impact our actions and decisions. This is done through the neurological network that influence how we think, our emotional responses as well as our actions. 

When you think of how stressful or boring your job is, you are actually telling your mind to take it in as your reality. And this is what we do everyday! But what if we have the power to free our minds, to  shift/change our realities? What if we can make things work better just by being more conscious of our thoughts, and change the way we react to things? What if all it takes is to "date" our minds? I believe it is possible,through the following;

1. Becoming more Self Aware: Just like dating another human being, you firstly take time to get to know him/her. The same with our minds, you can only change what you are aware of,right? I believe if we are more aware of our feelings, our thoughts and most importantly become aware of our reactions, then we can be able to start working on changing the narrative. So,give yourself enough time to know WHO YOU ARE. What are your strengths? Weaknesses/limitations? What is it you want in life? After being self aware, then you can make your plans and strategies on how to achieve your desired goals in life.

2. Slow Down the Pace & Listen: Oooh isn't this the irony! One minute I tell you, "we have to move and realize our goals",and now here I am, saying we have to slow down the pace...mmhhh! Please hear me out.... I believe if we slow down when we feel stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed, then we will be able to LISTEN to our own thoughts and figure out the problems. Just like when you are dating a person, you take it slow to feel their vibe, to know their life ambitions, what stresses them, how they react to stress etc. Only then will you be able to figure out if you can continue dating them, take some time off or stop altogether. We need to learn to do the same with our minds. LISTEN

3. Feed your mind on what YOU want: What is it that you want? Do you talk to yourself about it? Do you tell yourself of how good you are and that you will achieve it? Can you VISUALIZE it and see yourself already celebrating achieving your dream? Just like any muscle, our brain can be trained to look at things or react to things differently. This means, by visualizing the positives in your journey, the brain will also believe in it and give more towards that journey. So,instead of thinking on what you DO NOT want, like to work in a stressed environment or pitch your idea to 10 investors only to receive a no from all...try to shift your mind to the more positive things that you can do. I am trying this right now, as I resume my fitness journey, and I must say,it is working wonderfully!

4. The secret is in YOU: Only you,can make the change. And this can only happen if you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and celebrate your little achievements as you go. You may work so hard, or even add more degrees etc,but as long as you still believe you are not worth ENOUGH, you will not be able to move forward. Don't be like that person we all know too well, the one who goes to hundreds of dates, and has the same reaction " He/She is out of my league". 

 So my question to you today is, do you date your mind? How much do you believe in your own strength? Or rather,how many people have made your mind their play ground, and made you believe that you aren't enough?

Let's talk in the comments below


Missie Popular


Corporate Fashion Etiquette.

The Corporate fashion sphere has been disrupted so much lately. From the rise of non-traditional startups that push for casual attire in offices, to the COVID 19 forcing people to work from home, and even the rise of women's sense of expression through personal styles, the Corporate fashion etiquette/rules are currently blurry,really. 

When I talk about corporate fashion rules, I am not referring to the traditional office wear of women wearing longer skirts/dresses and no trousers allowed etc...HELL NO. I am more focused on the appropriateness of the clothes we wear (colors, cuts, sizes, length), the accessories (hair styles, makeup, shoes, jewelry) and their impact on our upward growth through the corporate ladder.

So, what are the Corporate Fashion Rules that will make you standout fashionably, while giving you that competitive edge within your office?

A GOOD FIT IS EVERYTHING: It does not matter how expensive your attire is, it should fit you perfectly. If it is tight, you will look inappropriate and if it is loose, you will look tacky. So make sure what you wear fits you well,in all angles. A good fitting attire will give you a rather sense of confidence,which is much needed in the corporate world.

EMBRACE MONOCHROMES and BLACK&WHITE STYLES. Monochromatic fashion is the art of wearing clothes of the same color or the shade and tint of one color. This style, together with the black and white style, are the best if you want to look elegant. However, if you decide to go monochromatic, please select the earthy tone colors rather than bright and neon colors. Looking elegant gives you that look of authority,which will make others look at you in a leadership light.

STAY CULTURED. Now this might come across a bit controversial since we all view the African culture differently. Here is what I mean. Select clothes that are respectful throughout. Sheer/see-through, ultra short, high slits, low cleavage are all not office-friendly and may come across as not respectful, in the context of an African culture. Remember that, majority of corporate companies in Africa are owned and/or operated by Africans, who when selecting managers,supervisors or Directors, they look for people that they (and other staff members) can relate to. 

ACCESSORIZE IN MODERATION. I am a bit of the classical style kinda person, so I really keep my accessories at a minimum. So, I do understand if this might be difficult for a person who loooove to accessorize in layers. The appropriate corporate look should be accessorized with the following. Closed earthy colored shoes, a dark colored belt (with a small buckle), a watch on the left hand, small/medium sized earrings, very moderate makeup and tied back hair/head scarf/hijab. At the end of the day,our mission is not to make your attire be the center of attention, but rather an introduction to YOU,whose performance is the center of attention.

QUALITY IS KEY. It doesn't matter if you buy your attires from Kariakoo, Dubai or from a thrift shop,make sure everything is of good quality. This means, no stains or holes in your clothes, that your shoes are well polished, your hair is well kept and your clothes are thoroughly ironed. How you look,is your first introduction before you even say one word. So,make it the best introduction ever :)

Finally, BALANCE YOUR LOOK AND YOUR WORK. It is not enough to be the best dressed person in your office,what pushes you up the ladder is your performance. So,find that balance and you will go far. Make your corporate look as the best introduction ever, and you performance as the most memorable. Go and show them how magical you are!

As a starting point,what is the one Rule that you will start to work on,today? Let me know in the comments below


Missie Popular

I know I have said this more than once before ,"I Am Baaaack!"...but every time I say it and start blogging or vlogging again, I disappoint you by my inconsistency. Even writing this post has taken more than two weeks, and now I just have to declare it, I have a problem being CONSISTENT in blogging and vlogging. 

This is like the way we plan to do so much during the beginning of a new year...you know, like I will loose weight, or I want to read many books, or I will start writing a new novel etc. And then September is here, you are not even 10% in :(. It is soooo disappointing but I found the reasons why and how to regain consistency. I hope my reasons might sound familiar to what you are going through as well


Back in 2010 when I started this blog, I had one main goal. To use it as a platform to educate and entertain young women on various Lifestyle issues, like Fashion, beauty, music, travels etc. Of late, with Instagram being the focus of everything Fashion, Beauty and Travel, I kind of lost the goal for this blog. This means, I also lost that DRIVE to write something worth of your time,as a reader. HOWEVER, one big fan of this blog sent me a DM a few weeks back, and it shook me to the core. The DM read;

"Hello MP I am your fan since 2011. I see you dont blog anymore and I want you to know that your blog was the reason i got a promotion at work after changing my clothes and looked more corporate. The change of outfits made me feel more confident and I was able to apply for a higher position which I got! What you used to write was very important and i just want to say thank you"

I must confess,this made teary. And it is one of the reasons I started to rethink my WHY, and how we can continue to interact here, as we used to. My new WHY is to make this a platform for me and you to learn from each other, on issues like Work, Relationships and of course, Fun! Let's upgrade our lives financially, emotionally and socially...TOGETHER :)

There are many ways you can regain or redefine your WHY...Ask yourself,why did you make those plans? Is the goal still the same? Do you need to stop it altogether or you want to restart again?


Oooh this is a big one. It took me a while to really hear what my family have been telling me for years now. "Stop starting millions of projects and just pick a few, or you will burn out!", my dad kept saying over and over again. It was until I was ready to take stock of what I have achieved so far,that I realized how true his concerns were.

I am one of those who have a gazillion ideas at once, and would want to try every thing. This made it hard to BALANCE both time and energy, and thus I lost focus and consistency on some projects. This blog being a good example. WAY FORWARD: I have decided to CHOOSE few projects to see through, and delegate or shelf others. This will give me time, help me focus and allow me to create the consistency that I need. 

What about you? How do you find balance in your life?


This question still looms in my head. With Instagram and Twitter being the centers of conversations, who will visit a blog to read my musings? I asked myself and still I am skeptical. HOWEVER, I am training my mind to celebrate the small wins. If I get 1 person to revisit the blog, I am happy. If I receive one comment,then its a parteeee! :)

Looking at your goals, celebrate the small achievements rather than waiting for the big finale. If you wanted to read 10 books this year, celebrate after you finish the first book. The same for you who wanted to loose 30 kg, celebrate loosing the first 1 kg. This will give you the reason to look forward to the next milestone. Remember, a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step

4. THE PRIDE....Oooh that pride! 

Me, Missie Popular, Blogger extraordinaire...to start all over again and get the criticisms, comments on my grammar etc? Why should I bother? That was the voice in my head a few months ago. Like many other Capricorns, I have a hard time swallowing my pride, something that is very crucial for success. This hinders us from receiving constructive criticism especially from our close friends and family.

Let's all learn to put our pride aside and get feedback from those we trust to tell us as it is. It is through this process that I was able to see how busy I was making my life to be, with very little output. Try it,you will thank me later

5. IT'S TOO LATE TO RESTART AGAIN! or so I thought...

It has been 10 good years since I started this blog. The last time I was consistently posting was in 2018,two years have passed and I felt like a new kid trying to start a blog again! BUT you know what, NCBA Tanzania came on board to partner with me this year, with a slogan saying #GoForIt. It was like a wake up call for me. I was like, wait a minute! I still got a lot to offer, and hundreds of readers who are still visiting the blog EVERY DAY! So, here I am. 

I may be posting ones or twice a week, as compared to the old days when i had up to five posts a day...but I am here. 

Do you think its too late for you? I am here to take your hand and assure you, your goal/dream is still valid. Go for it!

All in all,get back on that horse! Whatever it is that you had planned, and there after you lost track of, review it and get back to finalizing and achieving your goals. 

To make this consistency work for us, we all need to have the people around us to hold us accountable. So,may I ask YOU to be the one to hold me accountable? That, if I do not post at least twice a week, you will bring me back on track? 

Looking forward to your COMMENTS :)


Missie Popular

When I need to escape from something negative, I always find a book and read. It helps me to focus on something else, as well as open my mind to new ideas,perspectives and imaginations. It helps me to retain my positive energy and stay healthy,mentally.

Hurt people,hurt others.There are so many negative people out there. I believe it is because there are many people hurting due to various professional, financial or relationship issues. How do you guard your positive energy while surrounded by negativity at the work place, on the road to and from work, or on public areas etc? 

And with social media bringing all of us closer than before, it is easy to be impacted by negativity,even by people or situations that do not even concern you! For example, imagine opening your whats-app, just to find a video clip posted on one of your groups, a video of a child being tortured or a woman being beaten or an accident...automatically,your energy changes. Even though all of what you saw,did not occur physically, to you.

Here is how I guard my positive energy;

Morning Meditation: Every morning I spend 10-15 minutes on meditation, preparing my mind for the day ahead. I do this through guided positive meditation videos that you can find on YouTube, which helps me to stay positive and clam,throughout the day.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts: Most often we run personal conversations in our minds. We talk to ourselves on what is troubling or on events that occurred etc. But we usually forget that,these thoughts and personal conversations can also shift us to negativity. They can lead us to self doubt, self hate and more. To control this, try to be aware of your thoughts, and when you find yourself going to negativity,bring your thoughts back to positive conversations. It is not easy,especially when we are hurt or troubled...but with constant practice, it can be done

Control your Social Media content; I have blocked the automatic download feature for Whats-app,which means I will not see any picture,video or voice note unless I click it to open. This helps me to avoid seeing things that I do not know,and thus avoid negative surprises. Also I have un-followed all Instagram and Twitter accounts which post content that I find disturbing. In short, I am more in control of what I see and interact with on social media, than i used to be.

Count you Blessings; Throughout the day, I remind myself of the things I am grateful for, and I say my THANK YOUs to God. This helps me to see things on a different light, even when they are negative. It's like my mind is making a shift, looking at the negative things and find some lessons that I can be grateful for. It also helps me to control my REACTION to things or situations that I find negative.

All in all, there are many ways you can develop the habit of staying positive and guard that energy. You know yourself better,listen to your inner intuition and go with it. WHY? Because guarding your positive energy is keeping guard on your mental health, something that is very valuable.

Stay positive,Stay Blessed

Missie Popular

Let me start by a confession. I, Mariam a.k.a Missie Popular, has never had a DIARY. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Mind you, I did my schooling through boarding schools (including an all girls school), and diaries were every where! Most evening were used for feeding in the daily information and events, on those diaries. Some girls had the pink ones with feathered pink pens, with the inside pages being adorned with hearty stickers and smiley emojis...A scene that just irritated me. 

Writing stories/novels was my thing! Oooh I could write such imaginative stories! Anyhow,that is a story for another day. Today,let's talk about the power of keeping a journal.

See,I came to realize that, writing real stuff down is very therapeutic and does something positive,to the way we live. I realized how the joke was on me, for laughing at those girls who couldn't sleep a night without putting things on their pink diaries. They new a secret that took me over 15 years to figure out.

Keeping a journal helps to Organize your thoughts and goals. By writing things down, you get to visualize things, get a different view and perspective, which in the long run keeps you organized and efficient. I had to learn this, the hard way

Now that I have started keeping a journal, I can see how easy it is to release stress through writing things down. As I relieve the daily challenges through writing, it feels like talking it out with someone who only listens,without judgement. This is more effective if you write both in the morning and before going to bed at night...at least it works for me 

They say, any woman who has ever gone through the motherhood phase, loses a bit on her memory range. Forgetting things is one of the side effects of pregnancy and it is real. But like any other muscle, the brain can be trained to regain its status, and journaling is a great way to boost and sharpen your memory. 

Last but definitely not least, journaling is a great way to self-reflect. Our realities are changing every second, things just pass-by too quickly...One minute you were in your prime 20's at Runways whining your.....and the next you are holding a baby while trying to send a board paper email to your supervisor. exhaustion is all we can relate to...But with keeping a journal, you are able to take a break, block the outside noise and reflect on what is happening in your life. It helps to self-check your mental and emotional status which is key to how you function at work and in your home.

Why a change of heart,you ask? Well, I saw the light...lol On a serious note, I have seen the difference it makes, when I write the true feelings that I go through in a day, rather than imaginative stories or creative content for social media. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend..Start writing a Personal Journal

Missie Popular

For the majority of my blogging career, I have been struggling with finding the best way to push educative content, on a positive way. Consider the fashion and style posts for example, too many people were emotionally hurt by the criticism that,from my end, I thought I was helping. When I sat down and read the old posts again, I understood and felt their pain. This is one of the reasons why I have stopped doing Fashion Police,for good.
So,what is the new positive way of leveraging the popularity of the Missie Popular brand in order to impact people?... The M.P LIVE Forum sessions, now on Instagram and later on Facebook and YouTube. 

Every Wednesday and Sunday 9pm, I have been running a series called M.P LIVE Forum, which has 5 episodes as of today,on Instagram. Together with some of my amazing Instagram Family, we have discussed on Marriage and Relationships, Budgeting, Social Skills, Branding and more. The series gives an open and positive platform for everyone to share their experience and knowledge on a specific topic,without prejudice. Speakers/Guests with specialization on certain industries are welcome to give FREE Masterclasses to all who are interested.

WHY did I decide to re-brand Missie Popular in such light? I believe I have grown to such extent that I see beyond clothes and accessories. I have been able to see my community's need for an environment for such peer-to-peer education that you won't merely get in a classroom, or from such experienced people who practice on a daily. I have been able to see the need for an open environment to showcase local businesses, enterprises and projects that might struggle to advertise on conventional media channels due to budget constrains. 

I have seen the need to be the channel for other people's socio-economic growth.

Welcome to the new phase of the Missie Popular brand.

Missie Popular

It's Mother's Day! As a mother of two, today I celebrate the journey I went through and all the sleepless nights I had to endure. To you all Mothers out there, It does NOT matter HOW you became a mommy, what matters is the LOVE and CARE you give to that little monster that calls you MOMMY... We are SUPERHUMANS, and I celebrate you. Take it easy, breath and continue to SHINE. Happy Mother's Day :)

Here is an Unboxing video for the Mother's Day gift I received from Emirates...
Thank you Emirates! Looking forward to boarding you as soon as COVID 19 is over and we can travel again!

Missie Popular
This post might get a bit emotional,so let this serve as a disclaimer :)
This week, I took time to go back and read my blog posts from 2011 when I started this blog. Oooh dear!

First of all, I sincerely APOLOGIZE to all that I ever offended through my criticism and sometimes misplaced sarcasm. Nothing was meant to hurt or offend you. I created the blog mainly to let everyone learn new things in Fashion and Style,as well as have FUN.

With that said, let me take you back to some of the posts that got me all emotional.
 Who remembers this lady? hahahaha oooh Florah! Her a.k.a is Mbuta Nanga and I took this picture in 2011 when I met her in London. She is among the very first readers of this blog,which then inspired her to start her own blog as well. When I met Florah, she really pushed me to keep writing and most importantly, to do Fashion Police in order to assist the Tanzanian celebrities to learn how to style themselves up. Among the craziest comments I used to receive were from her,such a free spirit :)

After the blog started to gain a bit of a readership, I met Cpwaa. It was the week after he won the Kili Music Awards, so you can imagine my shock when he told me he knew my blog! I was sooo excited!
 He signed and handed me his album and I treasure it until today :)...Forgive me but I am such a fan of crunk music. He is among the music artists that I wish would get back into the studio :(
 Anyhow .....

One of the things I tried to do through this blog was to showcase and celebrate every Tanzanian who does something that introduces the country outside our borders...and the late Steven Kanumba was a regular on this blog. So much that, when he died,I posted every detail about the whole drama, especially on the day of his funeral. You may read the post again Here
 Rest with Angels,Steven.

Then there was Vanessa Mdee,launching her music career after several years of being a TV and Radio presenter. It was fun following her growth,from the Karaoke nights at Runways lounge to performing on an international stage! I remember screaming when I saw her picture with Kelly Rowland!

Oooh my boss Flaviana Matata! For almost 10 years I made sure every month I had a post about her. She was the only Tanzania supermodel representing our country while raising our flag high! Through her,many girls believed they can do more,be more...So,when she started her foundation to support girl students,I started calling her BOSS...and have been doing so,ever since.

On events... :)...do you remember the day Chaka Khan came to Dar? Ooooh I was ecstatic!
 I was tuned to 102.5 Choice FM listening to Thandi as she gave the details about the show,playing her music and ...then came the interview! There was no way I was going to miss that show!
 With my Blackberry at hand,I was at the front row singing so loud,they might have thought I was a paid backup singer! Ubungo Plaza was packed! Chaka Khan showed us why she is a power house :) Here is a clip on her performance Chaka Khan

Then came the Vuvuzela Entertainment,giving our ribs some laughing exercises! I remember attending the second edition at the now Oysterbay Shopping Center...I never laughed so hard before that day! The show stopper for me was Dogo Pepe, a kid from Mbagala who showed what Bongo street smart really means.
 The Comedy Club was founded by Evans Bukuku,who also made some crazy jokes that night. Check this video Here
Oooops, my blackberry was also busy capturing some interesting things,like these Hasheem Thabit ankles...I remember I had to use the story of his ankles in order to avoid talking about his then date...Ms Jokate.

Fashion-wise,I can't forget my first interview with the then youngest fashion designer,Mtani Nyamakababi. It was 2011,August I think,when I came across pictures of his designs. At that time, he was doing African print designs,but the quality of his work got my attention. I did several other posts about his work, but the very first interview is here

And then there was the birth of Tanzania's Stylist extraordinaire, Rio Paul...When I first came across his work,styling Jokate Mwegelo and Nuru the Light... I knew this kid will be a frequent topic on the blog.  It wasn't long before he went on to style the hosts of Kili Music Awards 2013! Take a look here

Now,as I was going through this emotional phase, an old friend Honest Aroyal, who used to work for the Swahili Fashion Week, asked if I could do #TBT posts on my socials, showing the different stages we have gone through as the Tanzanian fashion industry...I thought,what a coincidence! And on top of that,what a great idea!

So,starting Thursday of this week,I will be sharing various posts on people and events that I was able to capture over the years. I think this will be so much fun,don't you? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as @MissiePopular

By now,I am sure you can tell how much I miss those blogging days :) Many have asked me to bring back the same content...I am afraid that will not be possible. I believe it is not the type of content that is relevant anymore...unless its a #TBT like this one, for reference and learning purposes only. Otherwise,everything can be covered over one Instagram post and not a full Blog post

So,what's next? Well,I will continue to post on LIFESTYLE and SELF GROWTH,using fashion and style as key examples. That means, you should expect my posts to be on Fashion and Style discovery, Food, Travel and other lifestyle topics. Just not fashion police :)

I love you for being my reader, for supporting this blog since 2011 to-date. Let's continue to grow together and discover more ๐Ÿ’œ

Missie Popular
 Let me tell you a story; One day I was passing the mabatini road in Dar es Salaam, and from a glass window I saw a beautiful black and white checkered suite. The name on the front door read Hellen Touches. Now, I know of many designer shops and the new unknown ones always intrigue me. That day, I passed the shop and went home. A week passed and I had to use the same road again. This time, there was a white two piece trouser that was on display. Mind you,it was a week toward Valentines Day and I had plans of doing an "All White" Valentines photoshoot. So,I stopped and went to check it out

I was met by a rather charming lady who introduced herself as Hellen,the owner of the shop. Her face was not new to me,I recognized her from somewhere...so I asked her.
"Yes,I once showcased at the Swahili Fashion Week", she said. In my mind,i rearranged the files and remembered the day I saw her designs on the runway,no wonder she looks familiar. I liked her collection.
 As I inspected the two piece that was on display, I realized it was two sizes bigger. Hellen was quick to reassure me that it can be fixed to my size and delivered to me in two days. I was skeptical...see,I am one of those people who buy something straight from the hanger and I hate alterations. So,I moved to the next lineup of clothes,just checking what else she has. And this Kitenge maxi kimono got my attention.

Mind you I had no plans of buying anything except an All White attire for the photoshoot...but this piece was just ogling me with sexy eyes that asked me to take it home :) I am not a mean person, so I obeyed and bought it. In my financial part of the brain, I told myself it was a Valentines present to myself..."you should do this once in a while,Mariam"...I told myself.
Looking at it here,I am proud of that financial part of my brain! It is magnificent! I rocked it with a yellow wide-legged pleated jumpsuit, platinum pumps and green head scarf. Accessories were burgundy threaded earrings and colorless rimmed specs.

You may get the same design of this kimono at Hellen Touches

Missie Popular
This year I was able to attend two different Women's Day events #IWD2020. Here is a video of what happened at the 100 Tanzanian Sheroes event by the Launch Pad, and Her Legacy event by Neema and Vanessa


How was your International Women's Day celebrations?

Missie Popular