Winfrida Dominic teases her comeback

Former Miss Universe Tanzania and model Winfrida Dominic has released a teaser image that can only be interpreted as the first step towards her comeback. Winfrida who is rumoured to have disappeared from the spotlight due to the delivery of a baby girl,has been posting several images that hints on her fit and quite beautiful body and we cant wait to see her at the runway,again

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Ali Kiba set to take over the MAMAs stage!

 Not only will he shine as a nominee,Tanzania's artist Ali Kiba is set to dazzle on the red carpet as styled by the amazing team from The Stylist studio,Rio Paul and Noel Ndale. Manager Seven is not taking any chances,i see
 Ali is set to perform along a huge lineup of African artists and of course, international names like Trevor Noah
With his name being among nominees for his collabo with Sauti Sol, this MAMAs is going to be  a rather important platform for the Ali Kiba team.

We are sooo waiting for Oct 22nd to see how the awards will unfold... Best of luck to Tanzania artists nominated this year

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Michelle Obama woows in Atelier Versace for Final State Dinner

Gold chainmail Atelier Versace is the gown Michelle Obama (FLOTUS) chose for the last State Dinner that feature the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Mrs. Agnese Landini
 Mrs Agnese Landini went for a Ermanno Scervino design while the Prime Minister rocked a Giorgio Armani black tuxedo
POTUS looked dashing in a black tuxedo and matching bow tie
Ooooh this dress! Notice the slit hidden in there?!
As Obama said in his speech during this dinner, both him and the Prime Minsters needed the wives they have, to eat better, dress better and be better people.

We will surely miss to see this couple.

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Corporate Chic with Irene Kiwia

After we saw the Corporate chic looks by Anitha, today we turn to Irene Kiwia for some office style inspiration. Take a look

Her Captions though...always on point!
It's often the case that after we have babies and our bodies change we get so self conscious and unsecured.. We stop feeling beautiful and get so focused on getting our pre baby bodies back! I know this feeling all too well! I had my first child 11 years ago! Before him I weighted 45kgs!! (Am sure I was underweight!! 😂🙈!) With every baby I added 5kgs.. Three kids later here I am, a #Beautiful 60kgs woman, #MotherOfThree! I don't even want to give myself the pressure of getting my "pre baby body" back! I have finally realized that #beauty is what I decide! People will see your beauty when and how you decide to project it.. It's got nothing to do with being skinny, fat, light, dark, short, tall.. No amount of accessories, hair extensions and other add ons can make you beautiful if you don't decide to project it! When you look yourself in the mirror and decide that you are beautiful and live a beautiful life by making more efforts to live a healthy life, exercise regularly, eat a healthy balanced diet, shed off the baggage and stresses... Be kind, genuine and loving to the world.. Do all these at your own pace and pleasure and embrace the beauty in you! The world will look at you and see beauty! #LotsaLove #iK #BePresent #GoBeauty 😉
A photo posted by Irene Kiwia (@irenekiwia) on
See what I mean?!
A photo posted by Irene Kiwia (@irenekiwia) on

Join me as i stalk her IG page for daily motivation...

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Rotary Dar Marathon as we celebrate Mwl Nyerere I was part of the Rotary Dar Marathon in celebrations of the Mwl Nyerwre Day. My partner in crime,as always,was my bestie Mumina a.k.a Minah
 This is where we started off...
So, who did I meet?! Yes, its none other than Alphonce Simbu,the Tanzanian who made it to No 5 at the Rio Olympic marathon
After several minutes, a liter of sweat and a couple of burnt calories, we made it to the FINISH line
Happy happy Minah...only 5km but she was complaining the whole time i will sign her up for 9km :)
All in all,this was our highlight of the day...Thank you Alphonce, such a humble man!

Ooooh,and thank you Rotary Dar Club for the event...

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H&M teams up with Kenzo for new Collection!

 Imagine this, H&M alongside ohh my!Remember when Balmain teamed up with this brand? The whole fashion world was in excitement! Now i cant wait for November 3rd, when this collection will be released! I looove H&M ... Kenzo is one amazing brand...these two together,woooi!
 These are the campaign images that have been released but tell you whaaat...the Lookbook has already been spotted!
Oooopsss..not that one... but these ones :)
 Hawataniii! They even collaborated to design fluffy sleepers!!
 As we all know,these collaborations always go an extra mile to make the hype bigger...there are already several celebs who have been spotted rocking the collection,before its launch date!
Jessica Alba being one....

Well, take a look at Iman as she was on set for the photoshoot

Am so waiting to see our Tanzanian big name designers do their collaborations as well... Who would you like to see first? Mine would be Ally Rehmtullah and Diana Magessa :)

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