This is WOISE-Tanzania Shoe Brand

 Tanzania's very own original leather shows made in Tanzania by Tanzanian company named WOISO...
 And NOT just sandals,office shoes too!!

Contact them at +255 719 107 001 now for more details

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Rubbing Shoulders-Jokate Mwegelo meets Beyonce,Jay-Z and many stars

This has been the highlight of the Day! Tanzania's Jokate had an opportunity to experience the NBA Allstar this weekend and who did she meet? The Carter's!
During her visit to the US, she met lots of big names and faces... Like Femi of Al Jazeera
One of women's best rappers Remyma
And Africa's icon Akon :)

Rubbing shoulders in a huuuuge way,Jojo!

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Manjano Foundation launches Year 2 of Manjano Dream Makers

The second year of the Manjano Foundation "Dream Makers" was launched by Hon. Minister Mwijage, the Minister for Trade and Industries in Tanzania. The launch event was attended by former Dream Makers and the new girls who are set to start their journey this month.
Hon. Mwijage was so inspirational in terms of encouraging women to join the industrial movement in Tanzania, as he shared the already set environment and policies that benefit young entrepreneurs.
Among the invited guests were the Manjano Foundation Mentors,that includes me. We were able to meet with the new dream makers, hear experiences and success stories from former dream makers and mostly, see the impact of this movement by Shekha Nasser

After all was done, the Minister issued certificates to both the Mentors and former Dream Makers

No..thats not me....that is my twin sis,Neema, who is also one of the Mentors

Okay...that is me :)

Many congrats to Shekha Nasser and her Shear Illusions team, who are planning to start a production industry for beauty products here in Tanzania...Yes, that is besides the Beauty Academy that is already operating now!

Get Inspired!

Pictures by Geoffrey of Pamoja Blog

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Remember the case of the "Missing Legs" photo? Here is the Answer

This picture brought such a debate in early January and I kinda forgot to followup and find out WHAT really happened?! When you look at the picture, you will count SIX girls but only FIVE pair of legs,right? Well, here are the girls as they recreate the photo and explain what happened.

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Jay-Z and P.Diddy shows off Best Friends Goals

 I always thought these two are enemies?!!...Don't ask me

 I loooove this picture!

Best Friends Goals....

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Beyonce's Performance at the Grammys 2017 Awards

The Queen was spectacular! Her performance got everyone at the edge of their seats! Including me,who is not a BeyHive at all!

 This had me like OMG!!

 Watch the clip below

At the end of the performance, this came up
 Technology well played...
If you don't agree...well....Blue Ivy doesn't care :)


I will share the full version of my best performances,shortly

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