Let me tell you a story; One day I was passing the mabatini road in Dar es Salaam, and from a glass window I saw a beautiful black and white checkered suite. The name on the front door read Hellen Touches. Now, I know of many designer shops and the new unknown ones always intrigue me. That day, I passed the shop and went home. A week passed and I had to use the same road again. This time, there was a white two piece trouser that was on display. Mind you,it was a week toward Valentines Day and I had plans of doing an "All White" Valentines photoshoot. So,I stopped and went to check it out

I was met by a rather charming lady who introduced herself as Hellen,the owner of the shop. Her face was not new to me,I recognized her from somewhere...so I asked her.
"Yes,I once showcased at the Swahili Fashion Week", she said. In my mind,i rearranged the files and remembered the day I saw her designs on the runway,no wonder she looks familiar. I liked her collection.
 As I inspected the two piece that was on display, I realized it was two sizes bigger. Hellen was quick to reassure me that it can be fixed to my size and delivered to me in two days. I was skeptical...see,I am one of those people who buy something straight from the hanger and I hate alterations. So,I moved to the next lineup of clothes,just checking what else she has. And this Kitenge maxi kimono got my attention.

Mind you I had no plans of buying anything except an All White attire for the photoshoot...but this piece was just ogling me with sexy eyes that asked me to take it home :) I am not a mean person, so I obeyed and bought it. In my financial part of the brain, I told myself it was a Valentines present to myself..."you should do this once in a while,Mariam"...I told myself.
Looking at it here,I am proud of that financial part of my brain! It is magnificent! I rocked it with a yellow wide-legged pleated jumpsuit, platinum pumps and green head scarf. Accessories were burgundy threaded earrings and colorless rimmed specs.

You may get the same design of this kimono at Hellen Touches

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This year I was able to attend two different Women's Day events #IWD2020. Here is a video of what happened at the 100 Tanzanian Sheroes event by the Launch Pad, and Her Legacy event by Neema and Vanessa


How was your International Women's Day celebrations?

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These two ladies right here! What can I say jamani...Neema (Penuel Investment) and Vanessa (Flawsome Events),your #IWD2020 event was worth every second we spent at Elan Tanzania Cafe. The event was themed #HerLegacy and it aimed at equipping ladies with tips on how to live,achieve and leave a Legacy
 Hosted by the young and talented Ms Najma,the event was educative,fun and quite a great place for meaningful conversations. Speakers were all ladies,covering topics like Life Planning,Branding,Entrepreneurship and Financial Budgeting

 On top of it all,Ms Maza Sinare of Maznat Beauty House,took us through an affirmation session. This was one of the most emotional yet fulfilling exercise that brought most of us back to our positive zone.
 We networked,Learnt new things and had amazing food by Elan Tanzania Cafe...ooh that cupcake was yummy!!... Plus our goody bag contained sweets and biscuits from a Tanzanian brand,Mummy's...and a surprise from Atsoko...

Since it was a Stylish event,below are some of the beauties who graced the event...

 Did I mentione that we took notes! Yaaas,it was that impactful!

I will share the video with various tips that was shared by the Speakers...Get on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for continues positive videos.

Kudos to all ladies who pulled off events on the International Women's Day this year. Thank you all for the celebrations and let's continue to support each other

All pictures by @VisualGig

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 The International Women's Day is upon us, and this year the theme is "I am Generation Equality". It is all about Equality and what it means to you. Let me start by stating my understanding of Equality. To me, Equality is the FREEDOM to choose;It is the presence of EQUAL opportunities, seats and voices for both boys and girls.  

This week I was privileged to attend the first #IWD2020  event in Dar es Salaam, which was initiated by The Launch Pad and supported by the Swedish Embassy in Tanzania. The event brought together the #100TanzanianSheroes and female students from Kisarawe Secondary school and some from various Universities. I was glad to see the representation of women with disabilities as well. 

 "The event aimed at providing a platform for us to meet,network and share the various leadership journeys, including the challenges we face everyday', said Ms Carol Ndosi of The Launch Pad
 It also involved an official launch of the #100TanzanianSheroes book,the 2019 Edition.
 This book highlights profiles of 100 phenomenal Tanzanian women who are breaking the glass ceiling in all sectors. The representation includes women from the private sector, CSO, Academia and the government institutions.
 We kicked off the event with an amazing session on "what is your PURPOSE"...thereafter a panel discussion on leadership, digital media and reproductive health.
 The first hand experiences were also shared,the most memorable and the highlight of the event being the comments by Ms Sabra Machano, the very first female to lead a financial institution in Zanzibar. She serves as the Director General for the Zanzibar Social Security Fund (ZSSF)
 Our networking moment involved book a signing process,whereby all the 100Tanzanian Sheroes got a chance to mingle with the students, discuss their profiles and sign the books. I am humbled to be among the sheroes and you can read my profile at page no. 49
  Here are some of the amazing Sheroes that are now available for mentoring and coaching of the Tanzanian girl who needs a role model to look up to. We represent women from all parts of the country, different educational backgrounds,and a variety of age ranges. See more Sheroes below

Kudos to Ms Carol Ndosi and the Launch Pad team for this initiative. It is my hope that this is just the beginning...that more events,programs and projects are in the pipeline this year. The Tanzanian girl of 2020 should get ready to be impacted,positively

Pictures by Baraka;  IG @Bless_dollar

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The International Women's Day is approaching and there are several events lined up, for the Dar es Salaam dwellers.
 If you have already been or have seen pictures of the new Elani Cafe in Dar,then you can already imagine the cuteness of the venue and the style that comes with it :) The event is called "Women's Day in Style,organised by a great team that I happen to know :)
And then there is a Shopping event at Epidor! Imagine celebrating women's day with an amazing shopping experience,oooh yes!! This collective market is a place to be
Women in Balance kitchen party gala is not new to many of us. For years, this has been a platform for women to exchange different ideas and knowledge on matters of family, finance and relationships. Don't plan to miss it
Fashoooooon! The Tanzanite Women's Forum & Lunch is a place to experience many things. From amazing panel discussions on various topics,to networking events and a great list of fashion showcases by various fashion designers. Ooooh don't forget the participants' fashion parade :)
Lastly is the Launch Pad event. This is an Invites Only event,whereby the Tanzanian Sheroes get to meet and celebrate the IWD. I will be attending this event since I am one of the Tanzanian Sheroes for 2020...yaaaay!

So,where will I bump into you? Let me know in the comments below

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Ignore the seriousness of the face please,I was on that Njaanuary mood still :)..Let's talk about the nude look.

It's been some time since I wrote about fashion,the topic that for the past 10 years,brought many of you to this blog. Well,let's rectify that with some Rich Aunty vibes. So, I have observed the past few months have been adorned with various shades of nude. Be it on street styles of Milan,Paris and New York fashion Week or the Instagram threads of various fashion lovers...Nudes are been embraced by people of all colors, cultural backgrounds and geographical locations...it's a universal trend..Now,who am I not to ride on this wave? Here is how i came about this look
 I was getting ready for a Valentine's inspired photoshoot, of which its pictures are on this post Here ...then I remembered seeing this beautiful nude two piece at the MMBrands Instagram page. But it was still mid January,the month of empty pockets,and i had no money or plans of buying new clothes. So I picked up my phone and called Ms Mbuko, the owner of MMBrands. Within 2 minutes she approved of my using the clothes for the photoshoot,for FREE...plus, she added the nude bag (seen on the picture above) and another Chanel red bag used on the valentine's photoshoot. Since I already had this burgundy blazer from SIA Couture, nude pumps from NEXT and the black fascinator from Kariakoo :)... Rich Aunty was ready!
So...I linked up with my current favourite photographer Baraka from Slide Visuals, and he secured Hamu Restaurant as the location for the shoot. My girl Neema from Atsoko did her facebeat and here we are...All glammed-up, poised and thinking of how to actually secure that Rich Aunty bag and make money moves :))


Nude 2 piece by MMBrands
Burgundy blazer by SIA Couture
Nude pumps from NEXT
Black fascinator from Kariakoo

Make-up by Neema of Atsoko,Mikocheni
Phorography by Baraka of Slide Visuals
Location: Hamu Restaurant,Masaki

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 The year 2020 has started well for many Tanzanians. From Idris Sultan attending the Budweiser event in the US,Ommy Dimpoz at the NBA games and now Herieth Paul on another cover of Elle Magazine. Let the fun begin :)

 By the way,this color combination is just wow!
Am getting ideas...for one of my future photoshoots :)

Keep at it people...lets! secure! that! bag!

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