Its been a while,is it not? After days,months and over a year now since the last time we met, I am happy to announce that you favorite Blog...yes,M.P Blog is coming back!

We have covered topics ranging from fashion and beauty, events, music and movies, corporate life and so much more. It has been great 8 years of the M.P Blog...Now that we are re-inventing our presence,let me hear it from you. What Topics interest you more?..Or maybe I should ask, what is it that you WISH to talk about but you are afraid and needs Missie P to start the conversation on?

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For those who know me well,they know how much I looooove to dance. And I take every chance I get to see the best dancers and new dance moves out there. I thought I had seen it all until I came across THE ROYAL FAMILY dance crew. As by their name, I guarantee you they ARE  the ROYALS in the dance community right now.

Choreographed by the amazing Parris Goebel who also did SWALLA by Jason Derulo, SORRY by Justin Beiber and many more, this dance crew is one of many that are under The Palace studio based in New Zealand. I hope Msami will be able to see this :) ENJOY

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 D&G did it again, like they ever disappoint,daaah!! This time it was a Lake Como extravaganza showcasing such delicacies to the eye! These are my 10 favorites pieces...ENJOY!

Whats your best choice?

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 Swahili Fashion Week is back and the first showcase will be in Nairobi. Below is the schedule for designers....Are y'all ready?

Who did you vote for?

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I have been anxiously waiting for the first video to drop annnnnd it is here!! Yes, Bey just released Apes**t video and besides it being shot INSIDE the Louvre, Bey rapping better than your fav rappers, Fashion taking over....I don't know what to say!! Just WATCH it and let me know in the COMMENTS down below


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The African Millenials is one hell of a show! A Mina TV project, this show covers everyday issues facing the African Millenial, and it is based in New York. I was first introduced to the show by Tanzanian Stylist based in New York, Ms Rosemany Kokuhilwa....
Season 2 is here and just by looking at the pictures,am hooked!


What a cast!

In case you never watched the show, here is a clip...

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Check out the various videos and let me know your favorites

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By Christine,

Hello everyone! It is the start of a new week and regardless of what you have been doing this past weekend, I wish this week brings you a lot of joy and positive energy.

This past weekend we had a one day event of Swahili fashion week pop up shop which took place at the Italian embassy residency at Oyster bay. The event as our previous post showed here gathered different talented designer from our mother land and ooh it was so exciting to see how much our fashion industry is growing.

So many good designers were there to showcase their beautiful work and it was such a lovely experience to be in seeing all the beautiful works of our designers made in Tanzania only!

Here is a peep of what went down at the exhibition day.............

designs by upcoming designer gloria

with the CEO of Refixit Tz at the middle

guests at liberal african booth

As you can see, it was a great event and successful because a lot of people showed up and we got to support designs, art and decor that is made in Tanzania, another good step towards the growth of our fashion and design industry. This is also a good chance to urge all other upcoming designers and artists to not stop rather continue with their journey so as to bring more variety and authentic pieces to the industry.


The 1 year break is over, its time to get back to business as usual and this time on a big note. The festival is now called GAIEXPO as it has included African Small and Medium enterprises worldwide. This sector shall promote the continent Africa not just as tourist but  business destination with endless opportunities in sectors such as Agriculture, Agri-business -food,Tourism, Arts and Culture etc. 

We are calling on all small businesses and enterprises, Africa and Diaspora Entrepreneurs, Traders, workshops givers, trainers, Artist, panelist... in Africa, Germany, Europe & USA to register and participate. GAIEXPO is an African market and meeting place open to countries, companys, Ngo´s with interest in sub-Sahara Africa to share contacts, information, network and do deals.  

We look forward to meeting you in Tübingen, Germany 2018 contact: or

For more info, o to

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Exciting news! The Italian Ambassador in Tanzania H.E Roberto Mengoni will once again host the Swahili Fashion Week Pop up shop on June 2, from 12 pm to 6 pm. Where the high top clothes and accessories designers will be handling selling out of their high top qualities pieces.
The one-day event of exhibiting handmade products of local designers and vendors including the artist from the different regions of Tanzania to be held at Italian Ambassador residency Oysterbay in Dar es Salaam.
This pop-up shop allows business owners and potential start-ups the opportunity to sell to diplomatic community and all other people also will enable them to meet their fellow cloth designer, jewelry designer, home decorators and paints artists.
Swahili Fashion Week team urges all Tanzanians entrepreneurs promoting “Made in Tanzania” products to take this chance to broaden their network, increase customers and to participate in the major Swahili Fashion Week Shopping festival in December this year. Among the participants of Swahili Fashion Week pop up shop this year are Jamilla Vera Swai, MM Collection, Xarafa, Neste Fashion Africa, Kiwohede, Naledi Tanzania, Lulua Gems, Diana Quilt and Designs, ABLO, Yasmar Perfumes, Kekuune, Hucna designs, Zawadi Zanzibari and so many more.
SFW pop-up shop welcomes everyone to stop by the Italian ambassador residency at Oyster Bay on Saturday, 2nd June. The event is free to the public, drinks will be available and you will also have the opportunity to purchase various items from the exhibitors. Swahili Fashion Week pop-up shop is hosted by the Italian Ambassador H.E Roberto Mengoni, and organized by 361 Degrees Africa an all-inclusive event management and communication agency.
For more information on how to participate please visit our website or call/WhatsApp 0769 696 633/0713 844 486.

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As we count down the remaining 3 Days until the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle, let's take a look back to Prince William's wedding to Katherine Middleton.
 We await to talk about the Bride's dress,who designed it and for how much..... Unfortunately the Father of the Bride MAY NOT walk her down the isle, and we wonder who will take his place?
 Who will be the Maid of honor? What will she wear?
 We will dissect everything and everybody...until we are satisfied :))
 Starting with the invited guests....Their fashion and styles, the iconic hats, accessories and much more
 Wjat will  Her Majesty The Queen,wear? And Camilla? Will she be there too?

 I assure you,May 19th will be fun!

I plan to watch the whole ceremony until the famous awaited balcony appearance...or maybe longer than that :) The Ceremony will start at 14:00/ 2p.m Tanzanian time,on Saturday :)

Will you be watching too? Besides the obvious (Bride's dress), What are you really anxious to see?

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 Yaaaaaaaas she is back and we couldn't be happier! We definitely missed her amazing sense of style and can't wait to see the new photos.

We know she loves and looks great in blue....But what COLOR do you think she will choose for her first Photoshoot?

Leave your comment below

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By Christine

The Met Gala is the biggest event on fashion fundraising calendar. Each year the met gala takes place on the first of Monday and the night is centered on the theme of the new exhibition which this year the theme was : Heavenly Bodies, fashion and the catholic imagination. This year the event took place on 7th May and as you might be wondering why write about it now, well it's better late than never.

So with all that said, lets take on who were the best dressed this met year met gala, and you can always share your thoughts and comment on who else deserved to be on this list