Dar es Salaam, 17th August 2017: 

Hassan Maajar TRUST (HMT) recently marked its sixth year anniversary by partnering with Radar Education to refurbish the Majimatitu Primary School library along with a 933 books donation. The event was held at the school located in Mbagala, Temeke District, Dar es Salaam.

The HMT Executive Director, Ambassador Bertha Semu-Somi and Radar Education General Manager Arthur Walden on behalf of their organizations presented the refurbished library and books to Majimatitu Head Teacher, Abdallah Mgomi. The Temeke District Commissioner, Felix Lyaniva, officiated at the Event.

Speaking at the event yesterday, HMT’s Executive Director said, “This is our third time at Majimatitu. 
In August 2015, we donated 30 desks for pupils with disability. Then we found that 90% of 
students sit on the floor due to lack of desks. Committed to solve the problem and sponsored 
by Bank M, HMT organised a Charity Walk in November 2015”.
Through the Charity Walk, HMT succeeded in 1) raising awareness on the shortage of desks at Majimatitu. 

Many Education Stakeholders heeded the call”. 2) Collecting funds enough to procure 280 
desks that sit three to four students each, thereby lifting over 850 students off the floor on to desks. 
HMT’s core objective is to contribute to an improved learning environment for quality 
education in schools. “We are delighted to have Radar Education on board this project.
The Radar Education Chief, Mr Walden stated “We are happy to join HMT for this Library project, which is for us a welcome opportunity to continue to contribute to quality Education in Tanzania.  We donated over 900 books. We hope that students will embrace this support aimed at building the culture of reading”

The renovation of this library is a part of HMT’s ‘A Desk For Every Child’ campaign, In six years, the Trust prides in over 9,000 desks donated to 13 regions (Rukwa, Njombe, Singida, Mwanza, Pwani, Shinyanga, Kigoma, Lindi, Mbeya, Iringa, Mtwara, Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro) lifting over 30,000 students off the floor.

“We have gone far in realizing HMT’s dual dream of raising awareness on the plight of pupils learning to read and write while seated on the floor, and mobilising the public to join the HMT led initiative to resolve the problem’, added Ms. Semu-Somi. 

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Tanzania Women of Achievement (TWA) launches Twaa – A mentorship and learning on the go platforms for girls and women in Africa!

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 09 th August 2017: Tanzania Women of Achievement (TWA),
today launched Twaa Mentorship, an online portal and mobile app designed to provide
mentorship and learning on the go for girls and women in Africa.
Twaa Mentorship is the result of TWA’s continued work in transformation programs for
women and girls that started in 2009 with mission to improve lives, expand opportunities and
help women across Tanzania flourish who will in turn help societies, the country and the
continent prosper.

The platform is designed to connect, engage and transform girls by empowering them to
match and select mentors from a diverse pool of talented professional women in different
categories; and learn from content curated for a 21st century girl in areas of health,
innovation, business development, personal development, sexual reproductive health and
rights, fashion and beauty and many more.
Twaa Mentorship also features a helpline from professional psychologists for emotional
support and advice, a goal setting and task management feature to help girls set and execute
plans strategically, as well as Kinara, a feature for girls to share their personal journeys and
inspire each other.

Speaking at the launch, Irene Kiwia, TWA Founder and President said that the one-on- one
mentorship and knowledge sharing on the go will help facilitate the growth of girls by
enhancing their skills, empowering them to perform to their highest capabilities and helping
them realize their full potential. “Twaa mentoring platform is like a GPS system to help guide
girls with directions. It bridges the existing gap where; women want to give back and pay it
forward by uplifting others but are challenged by lack of time for face to face interactions due
to their multi roles in the society; and girls everywhere in Africa are seeking for mentors to
guide and shape them but are challenged with access to mentors”.

The platform takes TWA’s work outside the borders of Tanzania, to Africa where the
organization wants to expand its influence. “I am thrilled to champion an innovation that will
connect the women and girls of Africa. Given the opportunities that lie within the challenges
facing Africa, I believe the solution is in numbers. Africa’s young population is the answer in
addressing the existing growing gaps. Not only is it the fastest growing population in the
world, but it is also predicted to be the youngest in the world by 2035. With expectations to
have 50% population increase over the next 18 years, growing from 1.2 billion people today
to over 1.8 billion in 2035 Africa will account for nearly half of global population growth over
the next two decades. Now this is our continent’s greatest asset and the time to nurture,
empower and lay the foundations for its connectivity is now.” Further stated Ms. Kiwia.

Ms. Sadaka Gandi, a renowned Counseling Psychologist and chair of TWA said she is keen
to see women leaders in Africa leverage this platform to pay it forward and register to mentor
girls. “Twaa gives women an efficient and effective solution to empower girls, transform
communities and transform the continent. It’s an African woman leader's personal social
responsibility platform to give back, something that a lot of women are passionate about. We
envision the platform to spark a culture of learning among girls, and of giving back among
women. There is so much potential in the women and girls of Africa, we look forward to see
girls livelihoods being improved and Africa being impacted by all the positive influences that
come with a society of empowered women.”

The app was developed with support from Shule Direct, a social enterprise that provides local
and accessible digital learning content for young learners across Tanzania and Africa. It is
available as Twaa - for download on android play store under lifestyle category, as well as
through the web portal www.twaa.co.tz This is the first time that Shule Direct has partnered
with another organization to extend its technology to empower women and bridge the support
divide that is so vital for their professional and personal development. “As an organization that
believes in the power of education in igniting potentials, we are honored to collaborate with
TWA in creating this game-changing technology on how women connect, engage and learn. I
was drawn by what TWA advocates for, which is access to opportunities where learning is a
part and parcel of girls advancement. Girls should take control, seize the opportunity and take
advantage of the platform for their advancement.”

Key messages:
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#Her4She #WomenUpliftingGirls #Africa #Education #WomenLeaders #GirlsLivelihoods
#WomenProsperity #AfricaRising #Innovation #Technology #AfricanWomen #GirlsForAfrica
#MentoringInnovation #SocialImpact #NetworkingForLearning #SocialCapital #PowerToGirls

For further information contact:

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Dear Instagram Husband

It may sound funny but it is a REAL problem. Yes, there is something called Instagram Husband and it is not a fashionable trendy good thing,it is a disease! Men are complaining of being reduced to a SELFIE STICK or camera stand,ahahaha sorry,its just a bit funny....

So,apparently men are still complaining of their roles in our Instagram and Snapchat lives. They want to go on a date with us without taking that COUPLE GOALS picture or that "Shoelfie"...or eat without that FOOD PORN picture to show our beautiful looking plates! I thought it was just a street talk until I came into contact with www.instragramhusband.com Ooooooh My Lawwwd! Check the video below

These guys look like they have been hit by a train! Such exhaustion,my God!

Are you an Instagram Husband/Boyfriend? Leave your comment below,what was the most embarrassing moment?

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Mshamba 101 - Fursa 5 za Kutengeneza Pesa Mitandaoni

Thank me later :))


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What I wore at Ally Rehmtullah's 10 Years Event

 For this night of fashion,I went for a low back bow tied mini red dress with nude heels and a BlackNGold side clutch. I accessorized the look with a black necklace and nude ear studs
To give a bit of a new look,I pulled this BOND GIRL kinda hairdo with a wig from Irfaan,a Tanzanian stylist who was also the red carpet host for the night.

There you have it,what do you think?

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Ally Rehmtullah Celebrates 10 Years of Fashion

 It was quite a great night of Fashion and Style. The who-is-who in the Tanzania Fashion industry showed up to support and congratulate designer Ally Rehmtullah,10 Years of amazing designs and fashion events. He gave us this collection and we are still moving from one picture to another!
 Accessorized by Manyatta,the collection was alive!

Go here for ALL pictures of the runway LINK

Many congrats to Ally and his entire AR Team,it was a great event.

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