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For the Love of Plaids

As a Corporate lady,I wear a lot of earth colors. This is due to my office dress code as well as the profession am in...however,i like to spice it up a little bit by playing with prints and various patterns. Plaids are some of my favorite, especially due to their formal yet classic look. This wide legged trouser is also high waist and double belted.
For that rich look, i paired it with the champagne colored sheer blouse and platinum pumps.

Yaaaaay or Nayyyy?

Missie Popular

New Music Alert- RIGHT NOW by Frankie Maston

Am excitedddd! This song has me hooked and I am very sure it will have the same effect on you too. Its called RIGHT NOW, a new song by a new artist called Frankie Maston...A Tanzanian born and raised!  LISTEN

Frankie started singing as a LIVE performer,tackling various genres but mostly Afro pop, Soul, Reggae and R&B. He is a fashion designer and stylist too, been in the industry since 2012, being the creative mind behind the Kali Elegance fashion brand.

Ooooh in case you didn't know, he was born in August 28th 1992 and graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam with a degree in Marketing.

You wanna contact him for business deals? His email is mastonf@gmail.com Get this talent to go international! Share this good music with all your friends and family! Gosh,am too excited! Go Frankie!

Missie Popular

Meet Aisha Ally Mabula- the Tanzania Miss Supermodel 2017/18

Aisha Ally Mabula is the first born in a family of two, a Sukuma by tribe. She has been a model for almost three years now and recently won the title of Tanzania Miss Super Model 2017
When I asked her WHY MODELING? She pointed at Miriam Odemba as the inspiration for her choice of career, and she has been following up on this Tanzania's legend for years!Aisha has vowed to work hard and shine like or even more than her idol,Miriam Odemba
This week,she joins other contestants at the Miss Supermodel finale that takes place in China. Their boot camp started yesterday 21st May, until 28th May
Aisha requests for all Tanzanians to support her during this journey and she hopes to bring back the crown.

We will keep you updated on her representation in China....

Missie Popular

The Weekend is Here!!

The week kicked off with some serious game...I had million things to do,errands to run, styling to complete and some TV shoots to undertake...
After all the hustles and sweat....things calmed down and I could see the weekend train approach
heeeeell yeah! The weekend is here!
Cheeky,I know....hahahhahah

I play too much...

Well,what are your weekend plans? Will I see you at the Stara Fashion?

Missie Popular