For Event Planners- This is What Should be in Your Event Checklist

Finally, I got to start writing about what I do everyday. EVENTS.
I have received so many requests asking if I could share my experience and various tips in planning and managing events. From the roles of an Event Manager to what should be in the Event Checklist and how to write event proposals/concept notes. Different people want to know different things and it has been really a struggle to answer one by one, through the DMs. So here we are. I will start sharing the different aspects of events, through my social media channels. Highlights on Instagram, Content in writing here on the blog and Swahili videos on YouTube.  

Today we start with one of the most important item in event management. The Checklist.

An event checklist is a document that contains 5 elements that can make or break your event. These elements are as briefly explained below;
Content is what carries an event. What is the event about? What message is being passed on? Through which modality? Who and how many are the speakers? For how long? All these questions and more, are what lead you in venue selection, speakers and participants list development, and coordination of all technical and knowledge experts/resource persons that will be required. 
Logistics for the event follows what is required to achieve the above content/event deliverable. This involves booking venues, transport, food vendors, security, and all other logistical details as per the event. Majority of Event Planners get it wrong by putting concentration in this element without connecting it with the CONTENT element. Try to make this shift and you will see the best results in your coordination.
Your Financial plans like budget, sponsorships etc can now be made, following the needs above. This will assist to be as realistic as possible, since you already know the content and logistics required for your event. Remember to itemize each detail in your finance plans, including your own rate as the event manager.
This element includes the design and production of branding/decor materials, media, photography, videography etc & it varies according to a specific event. There are events that do not require PR or media presence, while others can be done through issuing a press release or updating social media channels. Regardless of your PR plans, do not forget to include them in your checklist in order to make a follow-up before, during or after the event. 
If there is something we can agree on is that, during an event, ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG. And sometimes, many things that happen during an actual event requires you to navigate and make changes in your checklist. This is were a miscellaneous element for an event, comes in. In this list we put alternative/risk management items just in case things do not go as planned. It can be an ambulance, a standby generator, the name of an alternative guest of honor/pastor/sheikh, etc. All major things that might kill the event completely, need to have their risk management listed here.

Well,I hope that helps and you will have a better experience when doing your next event.

I will post the Swahili video over the weekend, as well as the plan for a zoom meeting for those who will need personalized/customized help on their event checklist.

Missie Popular

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