Travel like the Doctor recommended it!

"I am sure if there was an #airportlife challenge somewhere, I would be participating and I might even win it! That's just how much traveling means to me. "

“Traveling for pleasure can contribute to subjective well-being because people have more opportunities to detach from their work environment, to experience new things, and to control what they want to do during vacations,” says Paul Simeone, Ph.D., Vice President and Medical Director of Behavioral Health with Lee Health. “There’s ample research to support that positive travel experiences can make a person healthier, can strengthen their relationships, and benefits their overall wellness.” ( ) It goes without saying that traveling is a great way to improve your mental health, learn new things and rediscover yourself. 

With the current fast life that most of us are experiencing, traveling can be the solution to many issues. Let me share with you some of the benefits I have enjoyed through traveling;

1. Stable Marriage life
There is no such thing as a stable marriage life but I think ours has been better due to my travels. Because of the nature of my work, I travel most of the time. I hardly stay at home for 3 months consecutively. And it is through these ins and outs that I believe my hubby and I have continued to cherish each other over the last 8 years of our marriage life. We miss each other when apart and value our presence when we are together. I think traveling also makes it easier for us to see different issues through multifaceted perspectives and thus we solve our differences easier. Don't get me wrong, like any couple, we do have our hard moments too...yes we do... they are just made a bit easier due to the distances.

2. Exposure
If there is one thing I cherish more due to the different travels I have done, is the level of exposure I have gained. Ranging from cultural differences, foods, drinks and languages, I have experienced a lot that has made me more aware, tolerant and open minded. Through traveling you are able to meet people and immerse yourself in various experiences that changes/improves the way you perceive life itself. From the Brazilian carnival, brunch food culture of Accra, to the ugali and skuma in Nakuru, Kenya...I continue to learn more, one travel after the other. 

3. Self Discovery
Have you ever been on a 14hours flight and sitting on a middle seat, squeezed between 2 giant men? Ooooh I never knew I had such patience in me! Traveling gives you a chance to self discover yourself through the various experiences you encounter. You learn your strengths and weaknesses, and also develop your character. 

4. Mental Health/ Happiness
The psychologists say that moving yourself from your normal environment to somewhere new, has benefits in your mental health. You get to relax and breath a bit as you explore new things and discover new adventures. Traveling (both business and leisure travel) has major benefits for your mental health. For a moment you get to leave behind your stress and be open to new experiences. 

I am very sure there are many more benefits you might have seen in your travel days too. Don't be shy to share them through the comment section below.

You may see my travel adventures through the posts I continue to share via Instagram @MissiePopular

Life is too short, Travel!



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