How to Spot a FAKE Christian Louboutin Shoe!!

In many events that I attend,I see lot's of red soles..and almost all the fashionistaz in town struggle to get that one CL for their closets... Well,it's all good. Unless,most of those CLs are FAKE and many people can not tell? Take this advice...and next time we meet,you can tell me how many REAL CLs you have seen so far :))
 1. Packaging:
This is more of an advice to buyers than observers. If some boutique wants to sell CLs to you,ask them for the box that came with the shoes.
The box is made of made of cardboard..and has the name Christian Louboutin on the lid...right below it,is the word Paris. Mark that,the name Paris should be close to the CL name,and not at the end corner of the box. Inside the box,there is a rather RED dustcover with the CL logo written straight across the cover. For FAKE CLs,the logo is sideways.

2. Stitching/Finishing
The Louboutin shoe is made with excellent finishing/stitching that is why it is so expensive! If you buy the CL boots, or those sandals,be careful while observing those details. The most important detail to look at,is the sole;

3. CL Sole
The CL's sole is not only about the RED color...there are other more important details to look at. For example, the CL sole has THREE main details,besides its color. There is the Louboutin logo, the "Made in Italy" message,and the size (In European sizes 36,37,38..etc)
 This is how it is supposed to read....
And NOT like this!!??
Plus,if you observe the two sole colors....the Authentic CL has a rather bright red color than the FAKE one..which has a darker red.

4. Louboutin Authenticity Card
Last BUT not least,is the CL authenticity card. Have you ever bought a Louboutin shoe and found this card within the package?
If you did, am sorry to be the one to tell you this,BUT you have a FAKE Louboutin product! Unlike other brands like Chanel,Gucci etc, Christian Louboutin products do not come with any Authentication card or message,only FAKE ones,do.

So,before you display that red sole to us in those red carpet moments,make sure you have an authentic CL..and not a fake product,cause ......we can tell ;))

Missie Popular


  1. Who gives a toss???????

  2. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH,mp U made my day, eti before u display that red sole to us at the red carpet, make sure u have an authentic CL...coz we can tell" lol ms matata sana hii.

    1. ha ha haaa
      kajifanyia kama promo vileeee

  3. so MP do you want to tell me the CL posted just recently on this blog is fake.. maana she posted with a box which ze word Paris is at the lower corner of the box! and not right below CL

  4. next time i go shopping i will consider that

  5. huna deal fake CL ndo nini wewe na Mange wako mnajishaua mara nyo nyo nyo who cares mbona mnashupalia viatu tu nywele nazo mbona fake tu na kila mtu mujini anakipande cha kitu fake makucha nywele mikoba eye lashes sasa wewe na mange mnashupalia red soles hebu mtupishe hapa mujini watu tunatembea juu kwa juu na red soles zetu hakuna kitu original mujini kila mtu ana fake issues so what pfyuuuuu

  6. hi, does having "Vero Cuevo" means it is a fake?

  7. I want to know if mine are fake