Down Memory Lane- Red Ribbon Fashion Gala 2011

We have seen the red carpet moments from both the males and female fashionistaz at Red Ribbon Fashion Gala 2011...We have also seen the various fashion designers that showcased at the event...Now,do you remember the event itself? The auction?....Take a look;
 After a small speech from the woman behind this initiative, Madam Khadija Mwanamboka....Our MC of the night, Taji Liundi and Flaviana Matata took us through the auction process
 Flaviana looked amazing in a Khadija Mwanamboka red dress,designed for the occasion
 Among the items for the auction was the white sneakers, baseball cap and a book by Russell Simmons, which were sold to Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe. The sneakers were later sold to Mo'blog and raised more money
 The Late Steven Kanumba was among those who bought the auctioned items. In his case,he bought that dress worn by Madam Ritha Paulsen
 The Charity beads as shown by Flaviana Matata were also part of the auction...
 My favorite pieces.... the Sherri Hill dresses in green and Orange, sold to two amazing gentlemen...
Now...what do you think will be in this year's auction list? Will you be among those who will bid for them?

Remember, every amount collected from this event, goes to help HIV/AIDS Orphans taken care by the Tanzania Mitindo House...and also, the money helps put unprivileged girls into schools, through the Flaviana Matata Foundation.

See you at Serena Hotel,

Missie Popular


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