What's Up with Tanzanian Modeling Industry?

Today I noticed one thing...there is a small fire starting to emerge among models and designers in Tanzania...and there are different views on the movement, many believing it to be caused by young models who want to hit the market,FAST!...
 Upcoming Model Lota wrote the above...and i was interested to see the comments that came afterwards... and then, I saw the BELOW response from Upcoming Designer, Trim Saleem...and the ish just got more interesting!
 So,what exactly is going on with the Tanzanian Models? Is it that people want to reach levels of Flaviana Matata, Daxx and Millen Magesse without hustling for years like how these guys did?...Again, is it bad for new models to WANT it so bad,that they start to push for the Industry to respond to them ...and let the process towards the international market become easier?.... What exactly is going on?

Leave your comments below, and we will mediate the issue,

Missie Popular


  1. kinachotakiwa ni kuhamasisha zaidi wadhamini ili wawe na uzalendo kwenye fashion industry na bajeti ya mamodo iwe inaeleweka na madizaina nao wasiwe wanakiweka mfukoni kile kinachotolewa na wadhamin kwa ajili ya mamodo, also mamodo wenyewe wawe mstari wa mbele kuvaa nguo za madizaina wa nyumbani ili kutoa hamasa zaidi kwa watanzania kukubali kazi za wabunifu wa nyumbani na hapa soko litakuwa hata nje ya nchi na hivyo malipo ya mamodo pia yatakuwa ya kuridhisha! ni kweli kabisa bila model hakuna designer

  2. well I now can spill my guts! I am dreaming of becoming a model but I need to start off somewhere but then my mum comes in and says that "people will take advantage of you after the show and models are not respected well HERE" that word here meaning TANZANIA puts me off mood because its like nothing is taken seriously HERE, its like so funny you know I mean everything needs a model and if the person or company you are modelling for does not respect you so expect nothing more from the society! and 1 question do models like get written contracts or whatever form of writing beforehand to know about their payments, rules and regulations and all that? well if not then we will not get anywhere. I mean seriously its sad!!!!