Friday Style Inspiration-Cover Up

In the few years of my life and interactions with the boys and men surrounding me everyday...I came to realize one thing...a covered-up woman is more interesting than one in a tight skinny jeans or high above the thighs mini skirt/dress. Am so not refering to the muslim way of covering yourself up...or wearing like a nun...nope! But when a woman/lady wear something a little loose, long and covers the feminine angles....she looks dashing!
Masha'llah....this is Amina of Amina Designs....wishing you all a blessed Friday...
Aaaaand  what do we have here?!....looking elegantly exquisite...this is Mwamvita Makamba sending her Friday greetings all the way from Jo'burg...

I hope you get what i mean when i say,cover-up a little... Nothing is sexy and classy about showing the world all that God has blessed you with...what's the mystery in that? You now we all love a little mystery here and there....lolz

Missie Popular


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