Incorporate the hat in your looks

Saturday, March 16, 2013 Missie Popular 0 Comments

A hat like any other accessory,plays the part of finishing up your looks by either lifting it up or changing it completely. There are various types of hats and your choice may depend on the occassion or just your own taste and personality.
My latest acquisition is Number 11 and i love how big it is and the way it drops around my face....
A hat can be worn with almost any attire. However,not all hats can go well with one outfit,so choose wisely
To get a chic and glamorous look,a straw hat is ideal...
And for that casual look,a round hat is the best Zuri's :))) 
The culture of women wearing hats has been there for ages in Europe,and picked up by African fashionistaz during colonialism,as copying what the masters were wearing...
Anyhow,it has proven an essential piece to have in your closet...grab some..
An ideal place to buy good hats for a normal price is Slipway, Maya Vintage or at Morocco during the evening when the guys are operating their not-so-official market...

Missie Popular

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