Latest from Fashion Week Zanzibar

Apparently the day for this most awaited event is coming closer, models for the promo of the event are being mentioned,designers names are coming out...and much more!
So far,model Bula Makiya has been named one of the models for the promo
Irene is another model mentioned by the FWZ who will unergo a photoshoot for the magazine,calendar,website and other promo materials for the event. Also,Rio Paul has been mentioned as the stylist for the event...with Vayle Spring being the deco masters for the FWZ
Khanga Kabisa are among the brands named to participate in the Fashion Week Zanzibar. Other designers are Hamid Abdul, Waiz Houston Shelukindo, Fahari Zanzibar and Mago East Africa (below)
Am intrigued by this brand...
Kihaga by Mwarabu Ali is anoher design brand that will be showcased at Fashion Week Zanzibar 2013..... 
Please visit the Fashion Week Zanzibar page for more details on each of the designer and their brands...I just can't wait to witness this new baby being born...

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