Meet Pedaiah Swank John- Tanzanian Male Model with a Very Bright Future

Born in March 7th, 1990 ..This is one Tanzanian Model that is shaking the waves everywhere! His name is Pedaiah and I had the courtessy of interviewing him...well,before he becomes "un-reachable" ...Here is more about him
1. When did you start modeling
The passion for fashion and modeling have always been there but I first started modeling after I completed High school, and got introduced to one of the best fashion photographers in Tanzania, Osse Greca Sinare
2. Where are you based and  What motivates you in your career?
I am currently under OGS Model Management, which is now based in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. I get inspired and motivated by how other great international models work and portray themselves to the society. My main role model as a model is Liya kebe she is a very hardworking model because at a young age she was able to start a non-profit organization to help women in need and I find that not only brave but also very inspiring

3. You did Software Engineering in College, why didn't you pursue anything Art related since Fashion and Modeling has always been your passion?
The reason why I did Software engineering is because I knew having a wide knowledge in I.T will also play a role in my modeling career for instance through the knowledge I got I came up with my own modeling website for my fans, agents, friends, & family to get all the latest
4. How would you evaluate the Tanzanian Modeling Industry? What are key challenges?
Tanzania Modeling Industry still has a long way to go, but they have been a lot of improvement in the industry compared to 5 years ago like more runway shows, new fashion designers & Tanzanian models are getting more involved in commercials which is a good thing. But on the other hand they have also been a few drawbacks which still need more attention like there is a poor interaction between Tanzanian models, low payment for runway models, and a lot of models are gullible and fail to stand for what they deserve.

5. You know you are cute,right?...So,how many times do you hear "You are so cute!" from random strangers? :-)
Well to be honest I never kept track of that, I thank the creator for taking his time.,what kind of a lady catches your attention? What are the qualities you look for? Am asking this because I know you have lot's of admirers out there...
I am a man who likes a woman who is daring, sophisticated, hardworking, passionate on what she does, playful,a great taste of fashion is highly recommended, she wouldn't need clothes on to define her beauty and one of the sexiest things which attracts me in a woman is her confidence and her smile.

Ahem!!....Ladies,you have heard it,instead of drooling,why don't you send in your five reasons per why you would like to go on a breakfast,lunch or dinner date with Pedaiah?!...Yes,a DATE!
Send in your FIVE reasons to and the one who shows most of the qualities specified by Pedaiah,wins! ... Let's go!

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