Shamim and Abdul's Wedding Reception

Sunday, June 02, 2013 Missie Popular 2 Comments

Dressed in Eve Collection and Sheria Ngowi respectively.the bride and groom looked spectacular! The wedding reception for Tanzania's first fashion blogger,Shamim Mwasha Mrs Nsimbo,took place at Mlimani city hall with attendance of all was superb!
From the dress code to the whole event,it was different. The couple chose to go away from normal Tanzanian weddings were black and white are the colors of the bride and groom,and instead,they made us,the invitees,wear black n white while they rocked their colors...and it worked perfectly!

The groom with their two beautiful daughters...
What a fabulous couple! I have seen best friends,and this is that definition...
Being a blogger who takes red carpet pics in events,Shamim decided to do the honors for her husband and daughters...she grabbed the camera and went on action....
Visit our YOUTUBE account to watch the entrance clip,as these two joined the invited guests for the wedding reception....Beautiful Onyonye was the song that played on the background...

We wish this couple the best in life...May you stay happy and together,forever....

Missie Popular

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  1. its either u stop copying pictures or u use a better pixel camera coz ur pictures have the lowest quality mpendwa,,,

  2. Newlyweds deserve a red carpet treatment to highlight the importance of the event. They look lovely together and their kids even made the occasion perfect. I also love the color of her gown!