From the Model Auditions by Ally Rehmtullah

The Model Auditions for Ally Rehmtullah's show was one of the great events this weekend. Hundreds of aspiring models showed up for the auditions in front of six judges (Sarah Raqey, Myler, Missie Popular, Daxx, Wema Sepetu and Alfred Minja). The event was managed by Martin Kadinda
 Catherine is the face of Fashion Avenue,the 2014 collection that is due to be launched by Ally Rehmtullah. She has proved to be one upcoming designer too...her outfit is self designed :))
 This is Sarah Raqey, one of the judges who was more like a matron to the models,providing the necessary advice.
 And here are some of the captured moments of the auditions....
 New was quite refreshing to see how much of the new faces were there in that crowd
 After a long run of auditions in threes, some of the models were selected for round two

 It wasn't an easy task...
 We saw all me..all kinds!

 We were able to see both full figured and the international standard figured models,for the girls' part

 And i was glad to see that most of the models adhered to the outfits requirements

 And for the wasn't so bad..
 Daxx gave a free session of tips for a successful model,for the men.
 I like Ally's plans for this event...we have this amazing madam who will provide models with shoes!!
 All in all...the judges had a tough time to come up with only 24 female models and 12 male models...that few in a crowd of hundreds! But we managed

 Tanzanian model,Myler...shared her tips with the female models and we selected the list
 And the judges were happy with the choices...hello Alfie :))

 Some moments were just too intriguing to pass...we leaned forward to see it all...hahahahaha

 At the end of the auditions, the day was saved...Judges went through some interviews and posed for pics

 The ever amazing Wema Sepetu was the Kardashian of the moment...I have never seen such a crowd-puller situation before! This girl is huuuuge in the much love!

Thanks to you all who showed up for the auditions. Congrats to those who got the part...and in case you didn't get it this time,work on all the advice given to never know.

Kudos to you of luck on the show

Missie Popular

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  1. Experienced a modelling audition for the first time.. it was a superb... Thanks Ally for the invite and best wishes and luck for the big event... :)