Towards Kitchen Party Gala in Dodoma,Sunday 13th April

Friday, April 11, 2014 Missie Popular 0 Comments

I know women from other cities will not understand yet the fan we have during the kitchen party gala events...Here is something from last year...
 It's the only time when women of all works of life meet,become one and discuss the challenges and opportunities that women of Tanzania have. After so much education, we get a chance to dance
 We eat together, drink together and exchange contacts... We even make new friends :))
 And then,dance some more...hehehehhe...And of course, the dress code is something COMFORTABLE for you as a woman
 Last year in Dar,Malkia Khadija Kopa graced the kitchen party gala...This year in Dodoma,SHILOLE will be there!! For Mwanza and Dar es Salaam,details coming soon...
Mama Victor, Aunt much wisdom in these women! And they will be in Dodoma this Sunday 13th April,to talk to the women of Dodoma...

Kilimani Hall is the place to be... Familia Kitchen Party Gala as brought to you by Women in Balance...

See you there..

Missie Popular

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