Legendary poet Maya Angelou Passes On

She is a legendary poet,an activist and a role model to many...Maya Angelou is her name and if you have never heard of her or her work,please research about her and you will never be disappointed.
There are many quotes we use that originate from either Maya Angelou's poems or her words of wisdom...and for many,we do not even remember who said them first.. For example,did you know she is the one who said "When people show you who they are,believe them"!
 Dr. Maya Angelou is also one of the only two poets who have ever recited a poem during a Presidential Inauguration....and ofcourse,the first African American to do so
As she passes on today at the age of 86,Maya Angelou is one of the few names that I believe will stay in history...Rest in Ertenal Peace,Dr Maya Angelou,a phenomenal woman,indeed!

Missie Popular


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