Inside Rio Paul's New Wardrobe!

Lately,we witnessed one major change on Tanzanian Stylist Rio Paul's wardrobe...I must say,am so in love with this transition!!
 When I asked him the reason for such a change on his attire, Rio said, "I have to transition because of age,school and work."
 And we couldn't agree more. His looks are now more mature,elegantly stylish and of a gentleman feel
 This is just a breakdown of his Monday to Friday looks...
 Actually,he is not the only one who transformed...his best friend Noel has gone through a wardrobe transition too...So i inquired if he had anything to do with that...
 "Well, Yes I help style Noel too. He had to transform his looks as well because he has started working now" responded Rio... keep it up,boys! We like what we see and would love to see more...

Missie Popular

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  1. Kiukweli mi nimependa walivobadilika, na wabaki hivo hivo in and out! Bye!