Beauties at Women's Celebrations Tea Party

Hosted by Shamim of 8020Fashions, the Women's Celebration is an annual event to celebrate women achievements. This year, Shamim decided to go for a Private Tea Party affair,Inviting those Tanzanian women who use Social Media on a Positive way,mostly pushing their business forward.
The MC of the event was Jokate Mwegelo...Shamim was dressed by Wedding Bells while Jojo chose a H&A Dress to Impress floral number
The ladies looked dashing in floral,colorful attires that blend well with the Tea Party theme

Every Invited guest received a table tag with her name on it, courtesy of Eve Decor who did the decorations

This woman is beautiful jamani..waaaaah!

Sarah of Terrace Lounge provided the Tea and was yummy!

People dressed up,indeed!

These are just few of the Tanzanian women who are doing amazing things in business...I know more who couldn't make it to the event but are very much celebrated!

Don't end here,there are more pictures at ... Click and go see some more

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