Diamond Platinumz and Zari welcome Baby Girl

The most talked about couple in Tanzania, Artist Diamond Platinumz and socialite Zari, have just received their bundle of joy, a baby girl
The first exclusive picture of Zari and Baby...Zari looks flawless with her weave on and nails done...lanes!!
Zari went into labor on Wednesday night and the baby arrived on Thursday morning,today! You wanna know her name?
There was a battle of names with Zari going for Zara while Diamond wanted Candy...However, there have been rumors of Latifa (Tiffah) or Nazari...

Both the baby and mother are reported to be doing great and still in hospital

Its confirmed that the baby's name is Latiffa (Tiffah)..and just few minutes after Diamond announced her new account,almost 13,000,000 people followed her,in attempt to see her face
Plus, a Kids fashion shop just closed a deal for endorsement for this baby....oooh wow!

Keep it right here for more details as they unfold...

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