2017 Trends that should stay for 2018

By Willy Nkya

2017 was that year where we got a chance to see some pretty interesting trends ,some trends gave us the OMG moment,but some we closed our eyes and hoped it was just a dream . Today I bring you the 2017 trends that i think should stay for 2018 . 
1.Pajama On the street
Riri on her PJ
When Rihhana was seen wearing pajamas on the streets people thought she was High.Lol!!.But later on she brought the meaning to the saying "I woke up like this "instantly this comfy outfit became a trend ,we managed to see several stars rocking this trend like Selena Gomez,Salma Hayek and our very own  Zari The Boss lady Rocking this trend too.This year i hope to see more creative ideas around this trend .

Zari Hassan on PJ outfit

2.The little Man Purse.(Cross body Funny 
packs/chest pack)
The Tanzania best dressed celebrity Juma jux was seen rocking these awesome Little man purse in 2017,Later on starts like Dogo janja ,Chini bees on his "Kababaye" music video ,Also rocked this cool trend. I honestly think this trend still have room for 2018. 

3.Nude colors.
2017 was that year of Nudity,When i say Nude i mean Nude colored everything,Don't get me Wrong.Lol.Deogratius Kithama on our previous interview ,he showed the need of seeing more Nudes on runways and the street.So if you have that Nude color dressed ,Don't worry it won't be a "Dhambi ya Fashoooon"

4.Colorful sunglasses
2017 was all about rainbows in our eyes,I personally haven’t tried this trend yet,but by the look of how people rocked these pieces,2018 seems to be the right time to try it .Feel free to join in .

Apart from  these  2017 trends ,2017 also had really terrible trends,i am praying they don't make it to 2018.
anyways incase you feel i missed out on awesome 2017 trends ,feel free to drop your comment below . and can't wait to see the birth of new 2018 trends.


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