The Fashion qualities of Jokate's future husband .

By Willy Nkya
After Jokate Mwegelo  ,posted on instagram @jokatemwegelo ,a post captioned “oh 2018 bring me my hubby already (-: .I’m ready #Amen” with this awesome picture

The big question is “who’s gonna be the lucky guy?” since missie popular blog is all about fashion, lifestyle and so much more.we just couldn't ignore this, Jokate has been one of our favorite fashionable celebrity over the years, Her great fashion sense has always made her drop to our top dressed list. We know 2018 Jokate has more installed for us.

Since Jokate has a great taste in style, we just could help it but point out the few fashion and style qualities that the Future Mr Kidoti should have so as to steal Jokate’s heart . Here are some of these style qualities

·         Be simple but with class.
Flaviana Matata once said in her Fashion Commandments that “simplicity is classy” this is so true. Once you keep it simple, class just comes. Jokate has been known to always keep it simple but really classy ,do you remember her tracksuit when she meet beyonce and JayZ? You see what I mean. So guys when around Jokate don’t overdress just be simple but with class. 

·         Love the color green
Jokate has made her name as one of the great Youth political activist of the country’s ruling party  CCM ,and we all know green is there signature color ,so if u are interested in Jokate,please green is a must have in your wardrobe

·         Understand the fashion world
Before asking Jokate on a dinner date ,please think of what you will talk about to make the conversation interesting.Fashion is among of ladies favorite topic,start by complimenting her great taste of style ,trust me her ears are all yours.Tell her on the best trends that you are sure she will rock in them .Do u get what I mean.the best way to know this ,look at her instagram page  look at what she is posting and who is she following .Good luck brother .

Apart from having a unique taste in style and just being cool. Jokate has been one of the drama free celebrity ,the future Mr Kidoti should be sure to keep it real and fresh .I can’t wait to see that day when Jokate says her “I DO” .All the best Jokate on your search for your baby daddy.

May the best Man wins

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