Help Me Understand What you Want.

 Since 2011 I have been adopting my writing, the topics and more, to cater for you My Reader. We shifted from Women issues to Fashion and Red Carpet blander, to Collection lookbooks, Inspirational topics, Personal style and so on.... Thanks to Instagram, now we have all fashion info as it comes....This means, I need YOU the Reader to assist me on WHAT topics attracts you to this blog.
 Should we continue to talk about Fashion and style?
 People and Inspiration topics?
 Red Carpet and Runway fashion events?

 Oooor the usual celeb issues? What do you want to read about and participate in?

 We know events are so minimal nowadays and even when we have some,the fashion ones bring nothing new! Should we just roast the designers?

I NEED to know what you want,my Reader....So leave me a comment below and we work from there....

Thank you for your support since 2011.

Missie Popular

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  1. Keep doing all of them, but especially Fashion and style coz that critics you say when a celebrity mess up is what I want to read here.