Know your Self Worth/ Self Value.

Over the years I have come across this statement, "I know what I bring to the Trust me when I say, I am not Afraid to eat alone"...I never really paid much attention to it,until now.

See,we all talk about Self Love, doing things when, how and with whom we want. We millennials (if I can call myself that )believe we are WORTH higher than everyone else,our sense of entitlement is quite off the charts! I love it!...but before we get all we really know what Self Worth/Value is? And I am not talking about financial value only...but rather spiritual,social too. What is your Worth/Value? Here is my two cents on how I now understand the above bold statement;
Spiritual Value: For spiritual people, it is a belief that we are living as how God wants us to. Living as per His guidance (be it the 10 commandments or through His Holly books). That we serve Him and help those he place on our path to help. The belief that all that happens in our lives is because of His Kudra/plans. This means defining our value and self worth according to how we believe God sees us,and NOT how the society define it. Spiritual self value is knowing that God made a UNIQUE you, and thus,you are living up to His purpose.

Social Value: I understand this in the sense of compromises. How much do you have to compromise in order to satisfy others? Your self value lies on understanding yourself and what is important for YOU. Spending your valuable time and energy on those things,people and relationships that matter to you. It is knowing that your talents are valuable,thus, share it with those who appreciate it. Loving yourself and keeping your morals and principles regardless of others. It is knowing what to allow and what not to allow from they say,people will only treat you how you allow them to. Self Value is also knowing not to SELL YOUR SOUL for money,fame or love :)

Financial Value: I can tie this with the skills that differentiate you from others. What is it that you bring to the table,and make a difference? For example,if you are not at your work/business today,will your absence be felt? How much will the effect be? Will your company need to find 2 or 3 people to do your work? What I am trying to say is,your financial value is more on what adds value on top of the typical education we all go through. It may be your emotional intelligence or the network you have etc. It is not about having money, but rather having attributes that are worthy,financially.

Well,even after all the above, I still find this subject a bit confusing. Let me give you an example...imagine you are the most valuable employee at your office. Everyone takes your absence as a crisis,they even wish you don't go on leave/vacation. But one day, you make a mistake that costs the company money or reputation. The Management or Board decides you have to get fired :(... How much, really, was your financial value? Does this mean our worth/value is not set...and thus it can change anytime?

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