Charity Walk for Girls Hostels, a Great Success!

 It finally happened! We started at Mlimani City..with a warm up exercise
 Ooooohh it was fun! Our best "Walker" was this hyper pregnant you girl!

 Hon. Mary Nagu was the guest of honor....

 We walked while being entertained by great jams from the bras band
 And so...the Charity Walk to the UDSM sports grounds

 Students from Jangwani, Zanaki, Baobab, Makongo were all there to show support

 When we arrived at UDSM sports grounds,the Tanzania House of Talent artists took over the entertainment, with Barnabas as the lead singer
 Madam Regina Mwalekwa was the MC of the event while our fellow Ambassador Rebecca Gyumi represented other Ambassadors to communicate the purpose of this worthy cause
 Prime Location, the company behind Prime Advertising were there too. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs.Rwejuna
 Baobab School presented their donation of 1 Million Tshs plus a very inspiring message
 Thanks to Director General of TEA, Rosemary Lulabuka, we got Hon Mary Nagu as guest of honor. She shared her history in fighting for women and Children, and also contributed 1 Million Tshs to the cause,with a promise to send the message to all who can support

 Hon Nyalandu and his family donated 10 Million Tshs to the cause and we really really appreciate! We have got the best brother-in-Law in the whole wide world....hehehehehe
AIESEC University of Dar es Salaam were there too,making sure everyone got water,soda and the event went on smoothly. You guys are the best!

 Makongo, Jangwani and Zanaki schools contributed to,plus a bonus of a song from Makongo High School
 koh koh koh!

It has been a successful Charity event and on behalf of all Ambassadors, Jokate Mwegelo, Faraja Kota Nyalandu, Nancy Sumari, Elias Barnabas and myself... would like to thank you all for your support in any way. Up until the end of the event, we were able to collect over 50 Million Tshs with more donations coming in.
Together we can take this country far.

Missie Popular


  1. Well done, it's a great cause. But whoever approved printing of those banners that state the date as "Thursday 17th November 2012"...I have no words.

  2. It must have been FuN too. Well done! @salmaWaUtD