Hennessy Cognac Ambassador Arrives in Dar,Tanzania

 Did you know: Hennessy Cognac is produced out of green grapes at a place in France called Cognac, that's why it's named "Cognac"...I got all that info through the Hennessy Cognac Ambassador who is touring the country for three days. Ambassador Cyrille Gautier-Auriol  gave a detailed interview on the history of the drink, how long does the process take to produce the different Hennessy brands...and even,when to enjoy the Hennessy drink!
 According to the Ambassador, it takes between 7- 14 years to produce the Hennesy brands, and since it's a cognac drink and NOT gin, you can enjoy it "straight"...meaning,without diluting it with anything.
 Standing next to the Ambassador is Mr. Hassan who is the cocktail mixer for those who like different flavors like Lemon etc. That is, for most ladies who prefer a flavored drink, this guy can get you what you want
 In the middle; Mr Omari Salisbury, Marketing Manager of Qway International Ltd, the official dealers and distributors of the Hennessy brands as he shares more details with the media 9not in picture)
 I learned that, on average, a Hennesy Cognac bottles is sold for 46,000Tshs. From the brand name, how it is positioned, how it is packaged and the price range, I can only say one word "Elegance"
And what else does a fashionista, a Corporate and/or a diva/gentleman drink rather than elegant quality products?! If you are still on gin and other stuffs, double check your standards again...well,unless you are a soda/juice kinda person...lol

Missie Popular


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