"No Make-up" Celebrity Trend is so 'IN"

There is a new trend by Celebrities worldwide...the "no make-up" trend in which celebrities who are often spotted with layers of make-up on...decides to go without makeup and take pictures too....Take a look at this;
 They share their pictures through tumbrl, Instagram or twitter....This is Rihanna, without make-up
 Kim Kardashian followed suit too
 Snooki too...see her eyes? Not the same without make-up
 Guess who?... Lady Gaga is on the trend too
 Supermodel Heidi Klum looking amazingly beautiful without make-up on
Queen B shows more than just a "make-up less" face...ahem! Well, here is Beyonce without make-up...

Question is.... Will the Tanzanian celebrities be able to follow this trend? Those who can't even have their pictures taken while having their make-up done? Am very keen to see it happening...Do you think it's possible?

Images by: vogue.it

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