Walter Chilambo wins EPIC BONGO STAR SEARCH 2012

 The finale was a Grand Finale indeed! The race between the Top Five was fierce, the crowd was on point...The stage..well,you can see the stage,beautiful! With a LIVE broadcast on ITV and seven other African countries, let's just say, they did it. (Although the choreography wasn't perfect, and I doubt if they really rehearsed the whole thing) Anyhow...this is a recap on what happened;
 The Top Five gave their all. They started with a rather "vocal chaos" group number on "Lean on me"..and picked up duet performances with Tanzanian celeb artists Barnaba, Mwasiti, Ditto, Linex and the Taarab Princess, Mfalme Yusuph's wife.
 The forth round saw all Top Five doing a solo performance, which led to a drop of two girls "Nshoma" and "Nsami" the two sisters who do such great African music. I believe Nshoma if exposed to the International market, she will do wonders!..... Moving on, the third round was between Walter, Salma and Wababa...the Top three that is soooo loved by Tanzanians
 Their solo performances gave the judges a hard time to prune one more, "Wababa" and we remained with Top TWO ..... Salma and Walter.
 Entertainment from artists who are already in the market,followed. These were Ben Paul, Linah and Amini who introduced their new duet song,...Mfalme Yusuph...
 Others were Ommy Dimpoz, Rich Mavoko... Former BSS winner, Haji...etc
 After all the entertainment and play backs, we went to the last part.... Salma and Walter gave their last performances before the winner was announced.
 The race was so close, until Salma made a fatal mistake of choosing "King of Sorrow" as her last piece. She performed it while playing the guitar, it was an amazing performance BUT not what Tanzanians were expecting since many do not understand such kinda songs...
 And when Walter came back with a Ben Paul "One Love" number, the whole of Diamond Jubilee went up on their feet with cheer, even Ben Paul himself gave Walter a bow of respect! From the amazing voice to the way he connects with the audience, he gave the judges and voters,a reason to give him the 50 Million Tshs
 So it happened....The winner of Epic Bongo star search 2012 is Walter Chilambo.....cheered on by almost everybody who attended the event, and even the #TeamSalma on Twitter, agreed that he deserved the win.
 "Here is your 50Million Tshs" CCO of Zantel handing over the Prize to Walter Chilambo
 And there you have it......

Many congrats to all who took part in this really showed how much Tanzania has got so many talents... Big Up to Benchmark Production, Madam Paulsen and her whole crew.

Missie Popular

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